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Saturday, 2 November 2013

How to unlock any kind of Huawei Modem


How to unlock any kind of Huawei Modem
This tutorial is a follow up tutorial on our modem unlocking code tutorial, if you have not read our previous modem tutorial  series, you can click here.
Last time we discuss how to unlock modem using software and how to unlock modem using DC Unlocker but today I shall put you through on how you can be unlocking any Huawei, so if you ready let read on!
To make this tutorial very informative I will not only give you an unlock code for your E303 modem but I will show you how to generate an unlock code for others who are likely to be having a similar challenge of unlocking their modem in other world I am going to make you the BOSS of your modem network so that you can start breaking and unlocking any modem for people and getting paid for it.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to Easily Unlock Your Internet Modem Without Using Any Software


I receive A call from a reader asking me if I can Post a tutorial on How to Easily Unlock Your  Internet Modem Without Using Any Software so I decide to come up with this post . I have written a some tutorial on how to save Data usage during browsing you can check it out below

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Monday, 29 July 2013


How Does computer work, How does computer operate, how does computer Execute an action or task, how does computer receive an action are the most popular Question people usually ask, so today on this website, we shall consider how this machine called computer really works and how the component that make up the computer system communicate to each other to bring up a unique and powerful functionality in a real life scenario, so sit tight lets take it beat by beat. just make sure you appreciate our effort by dropping an encouraging comment below this post to tell us your mind and to appreciate us. so let go!
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Sunday, 23 July 2013


This post suppose to be a premium service post but I am posting it here on this site for free just to tell you guys that here at World Base Communication Technology we keep our reader abreast with the latest thing in IT world . Just make sure you add your comment after reading this post. And Make sure you implement the Ideal and procedures on these tutorial.   Though you must have seen a lot of adverts asking you to buy this tutorial am about to share with you on this website.but I am going to share it free of charge on this site.
  I will be sharing with you today how to Oder for laptops online for as low as #35,000 both new and semi new.
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Monday, 22 July 2013

How to Burn a plate

Thanks for reading from our blog/website post today. today we shall look on a very small and important ingredient in our file and data management . if you are already use to it click here or you can proceed with me. Sometimes we may want our data that is in the computer to be in the CD-RW drive.
There are tow major way we can make the data to be on a CD-RW either

We write the data to be on the CD-RW or
We burn it on using  a software 

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How to Minimize Your Data Bundle Usage During Browsing

Sometime we may be browsing and we want to achieve a whole lot of Job online but we don’t have enough data bundle or plane in our modem.  Today I shall share briefly ho you can use only 5MB data bundle to accomplish a large work online.
To achieve this tactics you will follow the below steps correctly
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Some internet gurus write on several articles that address on many issues and principle one can apply in other to make money online, But today I shall teach you how to make money through jingle production. Note that making money either offline or online is not so easy as some people may think. sometime it takes determination and patience. this tutorial I will share with you briefly is what some people do and they are making hug amount everyday.  
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  Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Watch the Main DSTV Channels Free of charge using the Original DSTV Software Review

Thanks for coming today to read from our website.I bring this Free DSTV channel Review do to a call I receive from a client regarding the Package i.e the Free DSTV and Channel description software. so on this post I will explain more on this package.
Most people are  already tired of paying Hug amount of money  monthly just to get a premium access to the DSTV channels and other related stations. sometime we may be cut off from even the service providers.Some people out there can't even afford it or afford the subscription of other cable tv corporations.
As technology have it, some softwares have already been programmed which can be used to watch TV channels free of charge on computer with an internet connection. But the problem is that most of this softwares were designed to work on high speed internet connections like high speed broadband example 3G Modem and DSL connections; so we find it difficult to make use of them here in Nigeria, even though they are not even the real DSTV softwares. But now, you don't have to worry because the real DSTV software has been discovered which works absolutely fine on slow internet connections. it consumed less Mb Per connection.
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Friday, 21 June 2013


USB the Right Data Storage Device
Fash Disk Drive Or USB Drive is one of the handy device use all over the world today to safe gaurd data for feature usage and to retrive data from it when in need. but sometime the flash drive we use may be pron to a lot of danger  if we don't proctect it against virus atteck. It is thereful verey neccessary that we should apply some technique to proctect our flash against virus attack. below are some of the way we can prevent verus from destroying our flash disk drive and the content therein.
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How To Watch Popular Movie Online With Your PC

Thanks for Stopping by Today to read our blog post. Some days pass I was discussing with my friend and he was seriously asking me how he can watch both foreign movie and Local Movie with his pc. I give him clue were he can go and watch some movie online. So I decided to share it to you guys out there who want to watch movie online with their PC.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Unique Power of Free Browsing

Today I shall be sharing with you the Unique Power of Free Browsing. This trick to browse free of charge has been tasted and it is working perfecting so read more to get the full gist.

You must have been hearing about the MTN MAGIC SIM CARD!, this Sim Card works like magic!. Just like the name is being pronounced by some guru. It a unique and easy to use browsing platform with fast connecting and rocking like never before.  While the MTN Magic sim is unique is due to the following reasons click here

Where to Buy a Used Laptop Online: 5 Best Websites

Where to Buy a Used Laptop Online: 5 Best Websites

    Many online stores provide consumers an opportunity to purchase a used laptop. Manufacturers like DELL sell their used laptops refurbished along with certified manufacture limited warranties and a return policy too. Here are some reliable places to check to buy a used or refurbished laptop, backed by their professional standards, experience and quality service.

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