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Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to check System Property of Any Computer

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Checking a system property means knowing the basic hardware configuration and settings that come with your pc. In this post I will be sharing how one can check a system property whether laptop or desktop pc.

Step to Follow:
1.       Pont At All Program

2.       Scroll To my computer and right click on it
3.       Go down to property and left click on it
 The system will show you a list of property
4.       Microsoft Window Xp Professional Version 2 Means the Operating system that is running in the computer. Register to Onyema Means the person that owns the computer system. And this can be quickly be done during the process of formatting a computer.
5.       Intel Pentium 4 cpu 3.00 Ghz is speed of the computer and this will determine how fast your computer will process information and instruction.  The 0.99GB Of RAM is what control most of the users command in any known computer system.
Note: the screenshot above is only notice in window xp Operating system and note other version like window 7.
How to Check For Hard Disk Property:
Checking for hard disk property is very vital because it the hard disk the determine the storage capacity of our pc.
Follow the simple step below
1 Go to All Program
2 Left Click at My computer
3  Right Click at Local Disk Label C: scroll down to Property

4 left click To See the Picture Similar to One Below

Note: Used Space is The Portion that the software and other program in the computer have occupied
While free space is the available memory you still have in your computer.
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