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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Watch the Main DSTV Channels Free of charge using the Original DSTV Software Review


Thanks for coming today to read from our website.I bring this Free DSTV channel Review do to a call I receive from a client regarding the Package i.e the Free DSTV and Channel subscription software. so on this post I will explain more on this package.
Most people are  already tired of paying Hug amount of money  monthly just to get a premium access to the DSTV channels and other related stations. sometime we may be cut off from even the service providers.Some people out there can't even afford it or afford the subscription of other cable tv corporations.
As technology have it, some softwares have already been programmed which can be used to watch TV channels free of charge on computer with an internet connection. But the problem is that most of this softwares were designed to work on high speed internet connections like high speed broadband example 3G Modem and DSL connections; so we find it difficult to make use of them here in Nigeria, even though they are not even the real DSTV softwares. But now, you don't have to worry because the real DSTV software has been discovered which works absolutely fine on slow internet connections. it consumed less Mb Per connection.

This is introducing The New Ground Breaking Codec Software which gives Instant FREE Access to all The DSTV Channels LIVE on your computer; either Desktop or Laptop. You will have access to your popular channel like CNN, BBCC, Nollywood, joy news, aljazeera, Pres TV, sport station, Christian station, Hip-op Station, etc.
I know that some of you have falling a victim of buying some Internet TV Softwares that the sellers claim that can be used to watch DSTV Channels on computer; but at the end, non of it works!
It is time for you to get your hands on the real stuff: THE REAL ORIGINAL FREE DSTV SOTFTWARE which gives you a FULL FREE PREMIUM ACCESS to all the DSTV CHANNELS FREE OF CHARGE without any exploitative subscriptions.

The new Original Free DSTV software is a software which came into existence on January 20th, 2010. It was designed using the Debug service of the DSTV codec system through x & r variables. It was designed in such a way that the  command works with your computer's internet crontab. But when you study the "hex view" of this DSTV software, you discover its own crontab has been changed from 01101 to 10101. This means that this software is gonna give you a free premium access to the DSTV dbase where you can watch all the DSTV channels both paid and free to air channels.

It is time for you to start enjoying the DSTV services free of charge on your computer!!!

- A computer system (desktop or laptop)
- An internet connection (free or paid service)
- And the Free DSTV software.

Of course, whoever wants to enjoy this service must have a computer system either a desktop or a laptop PC.
This computer must be connected to the internet, either a paid connection or a free internet connection. (if your computer is not yet connected to the internet, just call me on 08136367446 and get a reliable free internet connection on your computer).
The next one is the free DSTV software which I will provide for the interested people. This new DSTV software has been put together in a package which contains the DSTV software, the setup manual which will guide you on the installation process and how to make use of it and a DSTV mobile application. This means that ones get this DSTV package; you will not only watch the DSTV Channels on your computer system but also on your mobile phone.
How it works is that you install this DSTV software on computer, connect your computer to the internet and then launch the installed DSTV software. Don't worry about your internet speed because this software has been designed to work fine even on slow connections. The classic mode of this software can work with an internet speed which is as low as 15.34kbs. So when this software is opened, it automatically detects the internet connection on your computer and loads the channels. You can now from the home window choose the channel you want to watch. The window looks like the windows video player; so you minimize it or maximize the window to your test. and change the channel frequently as you like.

- Ability to switch modes when fast or slow internet connection is detected.
- Designed with up-to-dates Java run time environment.
- Cron and Python certified.
- Works with even slow internet connections
- No need to pay the exploitative subscription fees
- You can install this software in thousands of computers; so no restrictions.

Your Benefit 
-You will be Having Access Of Multiple Staion Free of Charge in Your Room without Any Space Or Antenna
-You will Be salling the connection Guide to your frends who are too lazy to think.
-Money will be Rushing into your Account 

So friends, are you interested in getting your hands on the new Free DSTV package, the ORIGINAL free DSTV software

This free DSTV package comes with a bonus package of how to watch 25 DSTV channels free of charge on your mobile phone. The channels that you will be getting on your mobile phone include sp1, sp3, sp5, sp9, eurosport, cnn, mtv, african magic (amag), trace, espn, mnet, etc. what you will do for this one is just to download the application from the email that i will send you and install it on your mobile phone, then use the setup manual that comes with it set it and within 2 minutes, you are done and its absolutely free.

Please this Package is a cost effective and we are not charging this because that we don't want it to be free it just for you to help us to keep this sit functioning and for you to value the worth of the package when you finish learning it. scroll down below to see the  method you will used  to purchase this package. . you can contact our Office Address or you pay the sum of N3000.00 to our Account number below

Method Of Payment



ACCOUNT NUMBER:    0020903245

· After payment, send the following details below to, 08136367446
· Depositors Name
· Bank used for Payment.
· Department / Lecture/ Goods paid for e.g I paid for Free DSTV Subscription Package
· Bank teller number
· Correct and functional e/mail address.
 Once the alert Get to us We shall be Immediately be at your service.
Thanks for your service patronage.

I am not a guy that say much of the thing I cannot deliver. your money you are paying will not make us reach compare with the benefit of what we are offering you. your money will be refunded back to you if you don't like the package. it is not today we stated donig this Biz and it will not end with you.
 More Info
call this number 08136367446 or email us @ worldbasecommunicationtech@gmail.com or onyema.shedrach@yahoo.com or add me on 2go with the user name onyema8080.

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  1. Conman! So many scams similar to this one. Nigerians ooh!!!

  2. Good post I have posted similar post on http://www.nairaclass.com/forum

  3. Nigerians cant be tired of scams...

  4. guy u be nyash
    who will fall for this
    u wan may we pay, so u go pay your dstv subscription

  5. guy u be nyash
    who will fall for this
    u wan may we pay, so u go pay your dstv subscription

  6. asshole, you are dumb as your mother

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  8. never trust a Nigerian even the so called Nigerian Pastors. the biggest scammers in the world . fuck the Nigerians


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