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Sunday, 14 July 2013

How to Minimize Your Data Bundle Usage During Browsing

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Sometime we may be browsing and we want to achieve a whole lot of Job online but we don’t have enough data bundle or plane in our modem.  Today I shall share briefly ho you can use only 5MB data bundle to accomplish a large work online.
To achieve this tactics you will follow the below steps correctly

1.      Just insert your modem in your PC and start browsing
2.      Once you notice that you are running shortage of MB Data Bundle quickly
3.      Disconnect the modem on the dashboard
4.      Once you load any page you wish to browse example world Base communication Technology just disconnect your browser from your modem dashboard
5.      Keep on disconnecting and connecting the modem once you are through reading the web page you are in.
6.      Go back and connect the modem after reading web page or a particular sub section of a website you are in and click at next page you wish to visit within the website.
7.      Once the page finish loading goes back to the dashboard and disconnect the modem.
In General: keep on disconnecting and connecting the modem as you browse the net.

With this tip at your disposer. You can browse and cover up a large volume of work on a small data bundle plan. To know more about Internet and Modem hacking and mobile tweak visit our free browsing and tweak Trick site by clicking here

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