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Saturday, 2 November 2013

How to unlock any kind of Huawei Modem



How to unlock any kind of Huawei Modem
This tutorial is a follow up tutorial on our modem unlocking code tutorial, if you have not read our previous modem tutorial  series, you can click here.
Last time we discuss how to unlock modem using software and how to unlock modem using DC Unlocker but today I shall put you through on how you can be unlocking any Huawei, so if you ready let read on!
To make this tutorial very informative I will not only give you an unlock code for your E303 modem but I will show you how to generate an unlock code for others who are likely to be having a similar challenge of unlocking their modem in other world I am going to make you the BOSS of your modem network so that you can start breaking and unlocking any modem for people and getting paid for it.
To make this tutorial effective I shall introduce you to a particular software base website called Huawei code Calculator
Simple Step to Follow
1.       Log into this website http://www.huaweicodecalculator.com/new-algo/
2.       Click on log in button
3.       You need to log in with your Gmail account (if you don’t have Gmail Account Just go to google and Click on Gmail at the menu Bar and follow the guide to open a Gmail account for yourself)
4.       After clicking the log in with Gmail, you will be redirected to google + profile, so if you hav’t sign up for Google plus , you can easily do that.
5.       Accept the Terms and condition of Huawei Calculator Code by agreeing Huawei Calculator Code to Access your Gmail Profile Account including Personnel Info, the reason for this is for you to synchronize your Gmail Account with Huawei Calculator Code website, just click Accept and proceed.
6.       Now you will see the IMEI and model Number box, write down the 15 digit IMEI Number  and the model in the box
7.       Click on calculate
8.       Click on google+ to see your new unlock code and flash code
9.       Finally, you will see your unlock code for the new Algo in the green. That is you are now good to go!
In conclusion, just follow this simple stated procedure above to unlock any Huawei modem

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