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General Welcome Note

Hello, Thanks for visiting this page, I have been expecting you.
About This Website
 World Communication Technology is IT Base website. and Company  which is located in Eastern Nigeria in West Africa . the Main Aim of this Website is to bring to his Large Visitors a Daily or weekly Unique IT tutorial Covering Areas  on computer tutorials, Microsoft tips, internet tips, laptop tips, web Design tutorials,Make Money Tips, computer sales, computer repairs. World Base Communication Technology Is a perfect Please were You can get a reliable IT related Tutorial of any kind. you can check out our SiteMap to see Our Wonderful Tutorial Collection By clicking HERE.

The Person Behind World Base Communication Technology
 My name is Onyema Shedrach Onuh Popularly called Onyibo.
I am a cool, serous and calculated guy who is always finding a solution to Technology issue relating to computer in general.
I am the owner of  WORLD BASE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY that is the website you are now reading and numerous other website
Personal Info and Contact

Mobile: +2348136367446

Brief History about Me
I started Online Presences and web Design in 2010. It was not an easy Job because web or online community is a complex and competitive place to be. It was not so easy with me then but I struggle through online community do to inspiration and the love and passion I have towards IT. I never wanted to be a full time web Designer and blogger but we all know that we cannot run from our destiny and calling.

Aims and Ambition
I have just few Aim and Ambition
1.       To promote and encourage Nigerian Youth and beyond to love and embrace the power of Technology.
2.       To create a platform where youth can be safe employed
3.       To teach, Educate, Mentor as many people who like to create and build a sustainable career in IT
4.       To create an IT platform that can rank high in African and all over the world in time to come  
5.       To encourage and provide access to different IT tutorial to people who need to be empowered in IT world.

Religion and Believes  
I am a sound child of God who believe in the sound teaching and the Doctrine of Our LordJesus Christ and I am a Redeemer by Denomination. They say that one tree cannot make a forest that is why I drive my Inspiration and knowledge from the God Almighty through his Son JESUS  Christ CHRIST. GOD alone is the person giving me grace to embark on this journey in IT world. Through his Son Jesus Christ I am Proud to be who I am today. So you can join me to accept and worship him, he makes way when everything seem not working for those that diligently believes in him.

Accomplishment So Far
Right Now
I am a full time lecturer in Ms-Office Application, Web Designer, comptia A+ Trainee, Autocad Trainee both 2Dand 3D, video Editing etc.
I am a full time blogger and web Designer, An Internet Marketer and Importation Expert Tutor
I am a Multinational speaker who deliver seminar on youth empowerment, poverty Eradication strategies and IT capacity Building.

My Advice To The Public
  1. Don’t give up your destiny because you may not have a chance to get it back .
  2. Don’t Die Uncelebrated
  3. Don’t mind your background
  4. Don’t look at your Qualification before you can start something
  5. Don’t only plan alone, take Action
  6. Don’t give the thing you like to do
  7. Don’t think about failure because if you don’t fail sometime you may not succeed
  8. Don’t dream only dreams; try to implement your dreams by putting it into practice.
  9. Don’t make an expensive mistake you know that can cause your destiny to crash
  10. Don’t give in to the devils option, try God option and see yourself at the Top!.......

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  1. I like World base communication technology bc it d brain behind it world


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