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Wednesday, 3 July 2013



Some internet gurus write on several articles that address on many issues and principle one can apply in other to make money online, But today I shall teach you how to make money through jingle production. Note that making money either offline or online is not so easy as some people may think. sometime it takes determination and patience. this tutorial I will share with you briefly is what some people do and they are making hug amount everyday.  

What is jingle?
Jingle or ring tone is short musical note we here during the process of picking up our phone or even on the radio during a cause of advertisement. this musical note comes with other musical ingredient that makes it presented.
 Benefit you can get.
1.       You can create your own customize jingle or ring-tone with your voice.
2.       You can even sale your ring tone
3.       You can market your jingle in radio stations
y     you can become a jingle production guru

Do you know that a jingle or advert music you here in a radio cost not less than N25000 to produce it. With the knowledge you will get in these jingle production you will become a reliable jingle production manager and that means people will start to look for you to create jingle for them and when that happens money will be flowing into your account.

How to get the manual 
 Please this Package is a cost effective and we are not charging this because that we don't want it to be free it just for you to help us to keep this sit functioning and for you to value the worth of the package when you finish learning it. scroll down below to see the  method you will used  to purchase this package. The software and the manual for  this package  cost only N5000.00 (Five Thousand Naira)
you can contact our Office Address or you pay the sum of N5000.00 to our Account number below

Method Of Payment
Account Name: Onuh Onyema Shedrach
Account Number:0020903245

· After payment, send the following details below to, 08136367446
· Depositors Name
· Bank used for Payment.
· Department / Lecture/ Goods paid for e.g I paid for Jingle Tune Production Package
· Bank teller number
· Correct and functional e/mail address.
 Once the alert Get to us We shall send the Manual and the software to the Email adress you send to us.
Thanks for your service patronage.

I am not a guy that see much of the thing I cannot deliver. your money you are paying will not make us reach compare with the benefit of what we are offering you. your money will be refunded back to you if you don't like the package. it is not today we stated donig this Biz and it will not end with you.
 More Info
call this number 08136367446 or email us @ worldbasecommunicationtech@gmail.com or onyema.shedrach@yahoo.com or add me on 2go with the user name onyema8080.

Knowledge is power and I am here to give out the best I can. Feel free to contact me with any question you may have as a result of this post or any other thing. Share this article with friend, on facebook, Twitter, or live a comment below. If you want to know me click HERE.

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  1. If you have the skills to write some good jingles there is always scope of earning money through selling these jingles online to earn extra money.

    Johnny Depp

    Make Money Online

    1. thanks Johny For your candy Advice. I shall look into it


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