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Sunday, 9 June 2013

How To Watch Popular Movie Online With Your PC

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Thanks for Stopping by Today to read our blog post. Some days pass I was discussing with my friend and he was seriously asking me how he can watch both foreign movie and Local Movie with his pc. I give him clue were he can go and watch some movie online. So I decided to share it to you guys out there who want to watch movie online with their PC.
Most people already know about it but I am just here to share it in case of those who don’t have good knowledge about it.  So let go
Step to follow:
1.       You must have Adobe Flash Player Installed in Your Pc. You can download Adobe flash Player by going to their Official Website or click here
2.       Your System must have high processing speed to facilitate the viewing of films. Example of processor that can power online film watching ranging from 1.00 GHz, 2.00 GHz or higher. with a minimum of 502 MB of Ram Or higher. if you have the requirement let go.
3.       You must have sound in your system and a flat screen Monitor with good and quality resolution
4.       You must have steady internet connection with large bandwidth space on your modem or you can get free  Browsing Manual from us by clicking here
5.       For foreign movies Go to Google as a search engine and enter on the search bar httfilms.com and wait for result or you can click  here to go to the official http film online website . Here you can choose numerous films released everyday ranging from action movies, horror movies, comedy etc. both one problem you may have here is that you need to install film fanatic for you to play http film. I shall tell you more on my next post on this.
6.       For both foreign and local movies go to youtube.com or click here. Just type the name of any films you want on the address bar and YouTube search crawler will generate the movie for you. Waite for some minute for the film to load and you can start to watch live movies.  Note for to play youtube movies you must have flash player installed on your pc.
7.       For Nigeria popular Nolly wood Movie. currently befor this post I have two website where you can watch carchy and captivate movies from your favorite actor and actress like Jim Ike, Mercy Johnson, Vamvicker, Mike Ezuruonye  etc . Go to Google and type Iroko tv and click on the fist link to take you to the Iroko Tv onlin website or you can click here. One thing I like about Iroko Tv is their fastness to load movie and you can equally register with them and have access to unlimited number of films by paying a small amount of Naira. Another site you can Google about is Ibaka Tv. I have not research more on this site as at now but you can check it out by yourself here.  
This and more other popular Website are the places you can watch live movie online with your pc. So instead of complaining that you don’t have dish or DVD to watch film or even buying numerous films everyday from retailers why don’t you turn your PC into Home Theater!. 
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