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Monday, 29 July 2013


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How Does computer work, How does computer operate, how does computer Execute an action or task, how does computer receive an action are the most popular Question people usually ask, so today on this website, we shall consider how this machine called computer really works and how the component that make up the computer system communicate to each other to bring up a unique and powerful functionality in a real life scenario, so sit tight lets take it beat by beat. just make sure you appreciate our effort by dropping an encouraging comment below this post to tell us your mind and to appreciate us. so let go!
Computer as we all know it is a powerful and programmed machine that has many inbuilt ability to react to command base on users instruction today I shall explain briefly the major component that makes the computer to work.. you find out more on how to choose the best system configuration  here
Operating system popularly called O.s is fundamental software that must be installed in a computer before a computer work. You can read more about an Operating System HERE.
Basic Function of Operating System
(a)    Management of computer Resources such as Hardware and software.
(b)   Loading of program into memory for Execution
(c)    Control the user commands
(d)   Control the entire functionality of the PC.

2. Random Accessory Memory (RAM)
Random Accessory Memory called RAM for short is a the mini component and very vital element a computer to function properly as a machine.
Basic Function of RAM
(a)    Control users instructions
(b)   Act as a messenger between the CPU and other installed program in the computer system

3.Central Processing Unit  (CPU)
CPU or Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer. Reason being because of it numerous internal functions.  You have to make sure that the systems you want to buy have a High processing speed before you can purchase it. You can learn more about system configuration by clicking here.
Basic Function of CPU
(a)    Program Executor and Analysis
(b)   Ability to Reason with the users command and give out the desired result
(c)    Handle tactical work issue by users command 

In summer y, when a user issues a command to the computer system through the input unit, it will be received by the RAM, the Ram in turn collect the data and send it to the CPU, the CPU examine the instruction or data bit by bit through it component, after the CPU finish examining  the data, it issue and work on the data and Execute the necessary action on the data. Ram collects the processed data back to the user through an Output device like monitor. If the user doesn’t want to make use of the processed data immediately, the RAM will take the processed data back to a storage Device unit in the computer i.e. the Hard Disk Drive   for future retrieval. 
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