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Wednesday, 7 August 2013



Last time we look at how to increase our system speed and how to know the basic property of a computer system. In this post we shall look briefly how we can identify faulty hard disk drive. Sometime we may decide to know whether our hard disk is not working properly and we don’t know how to go about it. Before we continue we shall look into the meaning of Hard disk. 
What is Hard Disk?
what is hard disk is a very popular question in computer community it has be define by a lot of specialist but I am just going to define it a brief and easy way 
Definition OF Hard Disk 

Hard disk is the heart storage organ of any computer system. It is the hard disk that holds all the data, installed programs e.g. system program or software like operating system, Application software like Ms Office, Browsers software like Mozilla Firefox and other installed program that makes our system to work as a machine.

If the hard Disk gets infected with virus, it may lead to a hard disk crash and if that happen. Our system and all the installed programs and data such as important files, important document etc will be lost and I know that you don’t want that to happen.

Imagine when you cant do a dam thing because of hard disk failure

Below Is A Simple Step To Follow In Identifying Unhealthy Hard Disk Drive.
1.      Click at start button
2.      Scroll to my computer
3.      left click at my computer
4.      look for your hard disk drive , it is normally label Local Disk
5.      Check whether the sign is black or yellow.
6.      If it is black it means the hard disk is healthy but if it is yellow it suggest that the hard disk is faulty.
7.      Other men to check hard disk is if you cannot access the hard disk system files  
8.      Another way to identify a hard disk fault is if the system refuse to boot up properly
9.      If the system report system boot failure in the start up windows 

The other sign that may arise is if the HARD DISK KEEP REPORTING DISK FULL on this Task pane in the windows environment and whereof the hard disk is not fill up. it very important that we take a good precaution always to make sure that our hard disk is free of any thing that can make it to fail. precautionary method like avoiding improper plug in of any unwanted device, carry out general system maintenance, installing an Anti-Virus program, Running Scan Disk etc are the few sure way to keep the hard disk Healthy and it will prevent Hard Disk Failure.   
The above step is the step taken in other to analysis a hard disk that is faulty. 

If you have any under suggestion on how we can detect a Hard Disk Fault Please share it on the comment box below. 

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  1. We should check our hard disk time to time. Because its really important to us. Thanks for this cool trick Onyema Shedrach

    Gagan Masoun

    1. Gangan Masoun, I am very grateful that Out of your Busy schedule you find time to read our blog post. Thanks for the encouraging comment.


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