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Monday, 12 August 2013



Formatting is the process of erasing all data from a device.  Formatting is necessary to carry out in any device that can be formatted if the deice in question has virus content in it.  Last time I posted a tutorial on how to identify some device that can be formatted you can click here to read the tutorial before proceeding to the one. I equally Posted A tutorial on how to Identify a hard Disk that is faulty click here to read the post or you can go on with this if you are familiar with hard disk faulty.  Today I shall show you step by step on how you can easily format a Hard Disk with Windows 7

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What is windows 7
Windows is one of the Operating system that is from Microsoft Corporation. You can read up about an Operating system by clicking here.
follow the below step to format you Hard Disk with Windows 7

Windows 7 is proven to be  a little more reliable than the previous version of windows (XP and Vista).

The install process of windows 7 is very simple and straightforward.
                             Simple and easy to follow.

Now, just follow
these steps and you will
install windows 7 in no
you can Install Windows 7
via DVD Disk you have
purchased or with
bootable USB.
This post explains
installing windows 7 with
First, insert your
Windows 7 Boot Disk into
your dvd
drive and reboot your PC
While the PC is rebooting,
you will be prompted
� Press any key to
boot from CDâ¦â�� Just
press any key here
After you press a key,
windows will load
Windows 7 setup will start
Select your language, time
and currency format and
keyboard input (US)
Click Install Now to
Setup will load for a min
or two
If you do, select I accept
the license terms and click
If you are upgrading from
Windows Vista select
Upgrade, if you had
Windows XP you have to
Custom (Advanced).
Upgrade from Windows XP
Windows 7 is not
available. Click Custom
Select the Partition where
you want to install
Windows 7 and click Next.
You will need at least
5716mb free space.
If you don�t have
enough free space to
Windows 7, you will
receive the following
If that�s the case, you
will need to format the
partition where you
previously had Operating
System installed.
WARNING: Formatting a
will erase all existing data
on the partition, proceed
only if you have backed
up all your files!
If you want to format the
partition, go to Drive
and format the partition
where you want to install
windows 7. Again, do this
only if you have backed
your documents/files!
click format and then yes
After you press Next,
Windows 7 Installation will
begin. Approximately
takes about 30 min to 1
to finish, depending on
your computer speed.
After half an hour, setup
is complete and windows 7
installation is almost
finished. Few more
Now your computer will
reboot, since the
Windows 7
DVD boot disk is still in
the drive, the message
any key to boot from DVD
will appear. We already
did that, so this time DO
NOT press anything. Just
wait 5 sec and your PC
will continue booting and
finish installing your
operating system.
Windows will continue
booting and installing,
almost there!
Insert your name (this will
be your windows
If you want to, insert
password for your
( Heyâ¦.you wonâ��t
forget it, right? :) )
Insert your Windows 7
product key and press
Do you want Microsoft
Updates for your new
operating system? It is
highly recommend you
knowâ¦! Select use
recommended settings
It�s time for Time zone,
select yours from the
drop down menu
Depending on your
location, select the
network location.
If you have more than 1
computer, type
home group
password for sharing
files. Make sure to
Windows is finalizing your
Can you see the finish
line ? Yup, we�re there
That�s it. Now insert
your computer
manufacturer drivers CD
and install drivers. Also
FYI, Windows 7 has great
driver support, go to
�> Control Panel �>
Select View By = Small
Icons �> Click Windows
Check for updates and
click on optional updates,
see which drivers
windows 7 found for your
computer automatically.
If the above step is well follow you are good to go because your computer has windows 7 now.

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  1. Our next post on this will be on xp formating so keep a date with us.

  2. can de bootable window cum up autormatical or what key do i press for de bootable window to cum up for dell600 laptop
    pls i need ur help reply back

    1. HI SUNDEY EZE, thanks for making out your time to come to our blog nd thanks for ur great comment. Back to ur question: normally d computer wil ask u to press a particular key e.g Del or F2 to boot up the CD, just pres it, and in d case of laptop Del600 prompt key to press b4 booting CD Will depend on d system. In summery, d system will tel u a key to press during d installation nd formating process. If dis is nt clear to u call our help line: 08136367446. For voice assistance. Thanks.


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