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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Basic Tutorial on how to increase your system Security

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Thanks for coming to read from our website today. it has been a quit lot of time we have been disusing about a lot of tutorial System repair  issues, you can click here for more update But toady I shall briefly give you a general tips on system maintenance and general management technique you will use to keep your system security up to date. I make the tutorial to be very brief and Educative so apply the step correctly to boost your system security. 
Sometimes our system may crash do to our inability to prevent it from certain system security trait.
Below are some ways to protect our system
1.Don’t plug any unhealthy device e.g. flash drive, memory card CD in your computer
2.Avoid downloading and installing of software you don’t trust in your system
3.Use good security measure software to protect your pc against virus attack
4.Always shut your system properly to avoid collateral damage
3.Enable check fireware security check in your system to help monitor and track your system and keep it updated
5.Don’t over task your system   and avoid running several programs at the same time as this may crash the system 
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