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Sunday, 7 July 2013

What Is an Operating System

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What is an operating system is a popular question that every average computer users always ask. I was in a class teaching some student about an operating system when one of the students said Uncle this thing called an operating system is it alive like a human being. It is like a laughing matter that day. So let go

What is an operating system?
An operating system popularly called O.S is fundamental software that must be installed In a computer before the computer will work. It is like the primary controller of the Pc. It basic or primary function is to load program into memory for execution.
Function of an Operating System
1.Loading Of Program
One of the basic functions an operating system is to load other program e.g. Application programs, utility programs, drivers etc into the main memory of the computer for proper execution. It also load some popular start up program files like wind.exe, boot.exe and other related boot up file that will enable the computer to start up window
2.Control Other Software
The Operating System act as controller to other software by performing basic controlling ability like opening the .exe program files associated with that program when the user want to view the program, stopping some program when it see that it may be detrimental to the computer system etc.
As a Middle Man
An Operating system act like a middle man between the user and the install program. It tries everything possible to control the inflow of information between the user and the machine
3.Control Formatting
For you to format the computer if there is a problem that refuse to be fix. It is the operating system that you used.  
Types Of An Operating System
Below is the two most popular Operating system that you can install in your PC
1. Windows Base Operating System e.g. windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 etc
2. Linux Operating System
In my next post we shall discus on how to know the best operating to choose. 

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