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Monday, 12 May 2014

Basic component needed to Assemble a computer System

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Computer is we all know is a machine which can perform a big task through issuing of command and instruction by the user. Computer comprises of a lot of component that make it to exist as a machine. So in this brief tutorial, we shall be looking at some component that makes up the computer system. 

Below is the List of Component that is necessary to assemble a computer system.
For a computer to be build up, you need the following element.

  • System Case
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Sound Cards
  • VGA Card
  • Monitor (for Testing Your Work)
  • Power Park
  • Keyboard
  • Drive Cables
  • Data Cables
  • Tool Set 

The above mention component and more are the basic component that you need to build up a Computer System. One thing you must know about building up a computer from scratch is that it give you more knowledge and understanding of how the computer works as a machine. We shall be talking about how to put the above mention component together in our subsequent bulletin tutorial on this. So what you should do now is to go to market survey and gate some of the above component if you really want to build your own computer from the scratch. Keep a date with us in the site.
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