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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to Join Our Online Training Program to Boast your Income and Learning Potential

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Good Day dear reader and welcome to WORLD BASE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY , I am happy to see you here on our website to read from our blog post, I am glad you find this article, this article you are about to read will definitely change your life for good. These is a very detailed and lengthy write up, so bear with me and read it to the end and take action.

Who I am?
My name is Onyema Shedrach popularly called Onyibo, I am a Tech personnel, entrepreneur by action, Engineer by profession. I am a Nigerian by Birth, I am the owner of this website you are reading this article from and various other websites such as Land Base Technology, World Base Technology, and Smart Income Technology to mention but a few. I make money online every month and it is through the Info-product I offer online and offline. Apart from making money online through my online business, I run a full web consultant service where I design various website for client. Check my latest client work <COHACO NIGERIA LIMITED 
I am also a freelancer expert in various freelancing website like fiveer, elance,  99designs etc. where I get Hired by client as VA. I equally organize and Run different seminars and training on various areas of ICT and online business such as blogging, freelancing, internet marketing, importation, entrepreneurship training, business mentorships and lots more. I am currently making up to 4-5 figures  a month from my various offline and online business as stated above. at least I have time to Spend with my family, go on Vacation, and still work when I want to without no body questioning me.

Why I set up Webinar Institute of Technology?
Because of the passion and zeal I have to make many Nigerians and other countries to meet end means coupled with job insecurity in the country.
 Because of the fact that a lot of Nigerian find it difficult to earn a Dim online
Because Many people still don’t have time to get properly trained in ICT and Career Development, 
Because I want to train and raise up Entrepreneur that will influence this country and the larger society 
The above reasons and more are the main reasons that made me to come up with this idea of establishing an online forum and learning institute where any person no matter how poor and difficult situation you may find yourself can turn around the hand of clock. Let me remind you that Bill Gate of Microsoft , Larry Page of Google, Mack of Facebook, John Chow, Larry Alison of Oracle Corporation, Aliko Dangote and a lot of other world changer in this world all have one thing in common which is Entrepreneurship and Business Mindset at Webinar institute of Technology in our Business Mentor-ship Training Section, we have taken time  provide the top secrete and background check on the top People in the World that have made impact in one way or the other and we equally present to you the exert practical steps you can follow to achieve the same result.  You will be taught and Educated on how to make 4-5 figures a month without much stress. Webinar Institute of Technology is a learn and earn institute meaning that you make money while you equally learn new things. different resource and materials have been put in place for you to make this happen, apart from that we equally incorporated an Affiliate Program, this affiliate program is a fast means you can use to earn instant cash daily through Webinar Institute of Technology training Ground, and you will get more details when you register.  With our affiliate Program, you can start making money right away from day one you register. I am not the only one involved in setting up this forum; we are like team of several tech savvy and entrepreneur who pull our resource together to bring out this online program for you. I strongly believe that you will get trained, get educated ,make money and above all get your freedom and have time for your family. The guarantee is that any of our member earn multiple streams of income i.e Passive income from Day one the person Register.This promise is possible because everything and resource have been put in place to let you achieve that and even more. 


If you are still here then read forward to get deeper truth:


WEBINAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is an online Forum and Training center where everything concerning Technology and Business of Making Money whether online and Offline is exposed.  At WEBINAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, you don’t need to border yourself in finding the right ICT career because we got you covered. We have put in place unlimited resource and training materials on different area of Technology and Business plus Career and entrepreneurship training course. Our class training and lecture include the following. 

Blogging is a very powerful tool that we make your voice here in the Universe. It only takes an expert to set up a profitable blog that will yield passive Income stream for you. Being in field of blogging and web Design and Development for over 5 years now I have come to understand what works and what it takes for you to set up a profitable blog. Classes we cover in this section include.
1.Beginners Guide in blogging
2.Domain Registration and Hosting.
3.Basic and Advance steps in creating a profitable blog that will yield thousand of $$ for you, even if you are novices in computer.
3.Basic and Advance site Optimization training such as SEO, SERP, Page Rank Academy, Traffic Class, Gadget, Code Customization, etc.
4.Various Monetization techniques such as PPC, CPA, CPC, CPM, and Reliable affiliate Programs.
5.Niche Building.
6.Keyword Research
7.Digital info-Product Creation
8.Internet Marketing with Big Guys in the Industry.  
9.Email marketing training
10.e-Payment Class
11.Advance blogging techniques and strategies that will put Billion of $$ in your Account even when you are sleeping.
12.Passive income generation from a blog and lot more 

To be your own Boss is a dream of every Young entrepreneur who is determined to influence his or her generation positively. Nigeria as a Country is so much bless with a lot of Business Opportunities one can comfortably do, some of these Business requires little or no Capital Start up. An Average youth and graduate in Nigeria believes that working for somebody or organization is the highest achievement so far, but I want to disapprove of that, working for somebody will only enslave you. We have prepared an Article title 10 reasons why you should never get a Job, and other tough Provoking Article to get you started and clear your mind about the danger attach to working for people and a way out, getting Job is okay for an average person, but here we train you on how you can provide Job for other people and how you can be your Own Boss. People like Bill Gate of Microsoft , Larry Page of Google, Mack of Facebook, John Chow, Larry Alison of Oracle Corporation, Aligo Dangote and other Top Richest People in the World  is never working for somebody rather they employed people to work under them while they sit down watch there income flow in Billions.
At webinar Institute of Technology BUSINESS MENTORSHIP TRAINING CLASS SECTION, we have provide unlimited webinar class lesson and lectures for anyone who want to venture into either online or offline Business. Business Class lecture we cover include:
1.How to start a Lucrative Business with Zero or no capital at all 
2.Various Motivational Business class and lectures
3.Over Hundred Businesses opportunities one can comfortable start here in Nigeria with moderate Capital that will bring in Billion of Naira Monthly.
4.Various Online Business Module one can Run with Just your Brain and internet Connection.
5.Our Automatic Business Mentorship Guide Ebook 

Here, we have unlimited e-class lectures and materials related to Basic and Advance Hacking training, software and Hardware Training material, Free browsing, Code Generation, various online community to gain authority as a hacker etc. remember that we are not providing tricks and tweak here but rather we will teach you and expose you on how to be providing tricks and code of all the whole network such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, VPN NETWORK, Opera Mini, PC and Mobile browsing. Adding to this section is other resources and training Material on Android and non-Android Smart Phones note that Phone Hacking, Programming, Jail breaking and unlocking of any Kind of Modem is not Left out. 

Online business is a lucrative venture which is booming right now. At webinar Institute of Technology, we provide class and materials on the following online business:  
3. Importation
 4.e-payment class, 
5.email marketing
6.Niche Building,
7.Affiliate Marking
8.Digital info-Product
9.Product Launch Formula. 
 This section will yield an average estimated of $62000 a Month if only you undertake two to three class and you properly implement the exert procedure therein.  It is a gold mine opportunity. 

Here we organize various online Exams and project work on various Tech and Business class Module for our members. This exam if properly pass will lead to different Award and Money Value Gift for the Winners. You will get more details when you register.

Considering the fact that this online Webinar Portal is meant for serious minded people like you and if this to be cost properly the cost range may be between 50,000 to 100,000 but never too worry because you will not pay such amount. You are expected to pay a yearly fee of N2000 or $13.00. To get an invitation from us. The yearly fee of N2000 or $13.00 gives you full Access to all our Site Resource and Materials as stated above.



Registration is very simple and fast. You are expected to pay a yearly fee of N2000 or $13.00 to have full Access to our online class Resources and training. The N2000 or $13.00 yearly fee is what will give you full access to Webinar institute of Technology. The N2000 or $13.00 yearly fee is nothing compare to what you are about to gain as a member of WEBINAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, you can actually earn back your money from day one you Register through our Hot Lucrative Affiliate Program We make this fee affordable for both small and great so if you feel you cannot invest only a token change of N2000 or $13.00, then you better close this Browser now and try another program. So if you really want to break the cycle of Poverty in all area of your financial life for good and live the Big Guys Life, then just invest a token of N2000 or $13.00 into this project and watch how things will turn around for good in your life. 

Bank Payment




ACCOUNT NUMBER:   6006955748




ACCOUNT NUMBER:  0045585084


 Note: keep your Teller

Online Payment
If you wish to pay through Online click on Buy now button below to make payment. Our online Payment partner is Voguepay and it is one of the reliable and trusted Nigerian base e-payment processor company here in Nigeria, so be rest assured that your payment is secure. They Accept Credit Card Like Visa Card, etranzact and pocket Money .All you need to do is to provide your credit Card Details on the Shopping cart and follow the instruction on the screen to complete your payment.
Note: write down your Transaction ID. 
You want to pay online click the buy Now button below:

Pay through Bank Transfer
If you are acquitted with mobile and internet banking you can transfer the sum of N2000 or $13.00 into the Bank account as stated Above.
After Payment
After making your payment through either bank Deposit, Bank transfer or Online payment, you are expected to provide and send the following detail to 08136367446 or email: worldbasecommunicationtech@gmail.com
Detail to Provide:
1.     Teller Number for bank payment.
2.     Transition ID for online payment
3.     Your name
4.     Your Gmail Address
5.     Your Phone Number for Nigerian Resident only.
6.     Use Subject. I paid for Webinar Institute Of Technology Training
Send the above details to 08136367446 or Email: the Detail to worldbasecommunicationtech@gmail.com . It is compulsory that you must have a Gmail Account. Call 08136367446 for more detail and Clarification.
Once we confirm your payment, you will be given an invitation to get started immediately the same day you make payment. 

no, this program is meant for both Nigerian and other Countries. 

Official Contact Detail:
Mobile: +2348136367446
We have a 24 Hour money back Guarantee Policy. Meaning After you make your payment and login into our training ground and find out that you did not like our product and Resource Material, Just alert us that same  day  within and will shall refund back every penny you pay and you will be equally be remove from our Database.
Final World.
It only take one day contact for things to turn around in sombody life. Opportunity comes everyday, but the question is what we do each time the right opportunity present itself. Take Action Now to avoid Delay. Million of Nigerians and other Country are presently reading this Article now. So act Fast, take a one time step and invest in this Gold Mine opportunity and see yourself at the top.  

 See you in the inside.

Best Regard!


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