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Friday, 2 May 2014

What You Should Know About Folder

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what is folder, uses of folder, creation of folder a lot more are some of the question we shall address in this our tutorial. It has been obvious that some people are neglecting the power behind folder as a small vital and tiny component in computer, but today in this post we shall look deeply into folder technology, so get your pen and paper lets enter class loh!. 

What is folder?
Folder in computer simply means a file manager. We use folder to manage our files we have created, files like Document we type in Microsoft word, Graphic we design in CorelDraw, Database we created in Microsoft Access etc.
When we create or design work in computer, it is advisable that we keep them inside a folder. 

What are the Various Uses of Folder?
The various Uses of folder in computer is numerous to mention , so toady I will list the various uses of folder  for new or advance users of folder to know.
  1. Folder is Use for File Storage
  2. Folder is Use to Create File Partition Directory In computer.
  3. Folder is use in Web Design to House HTML and Image File for Web Deployment.
  4. Folder is use in creating various directory of computer internal Hardware and Software Program.
  5. Folder is use in managing of file in Computer. 

How To Create A Folder
Having look at various uses of folder, we shall now look at how  to create a folder I n computer .  folder can be created in either Desktop Environment or on window Explorer in computer.
Creating a folder in Desktop Environment 

To create a folder in the desktop Environment follow the below step.
Right Click on a plane Place
Scroll Down to New on the Menu Bar
Choose Folder On the Submenu that appear and left click
You will see a folder with a temporary name on the desktop Environment
Choose Rename to Change the temporary name to your preferred name

How To Create A Folder in the Windows Explorer  Environment
1.Launch the Window Explorer Environment by going to Start Button=All Program=Accessory=click at windows Explorer.
2. Go to file Menu=scroll down to new and on the submenu click on folder
3. you will see a folder with a temporary name which you can rename to bear another name

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