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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tutorial on the History of Microprocessor

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Last time we discuses a topic on how computer work today we shall look into a full detail tutorial on how processor work as a vital part of the machine we are using every day of our life which is computer. A Must Read Article: How computer work
The computer you are using to read this page uses a microprocessor to perform or do it works. The microprocessor as we said earlier is the heart of any computer whether desktop computer or laptop PC. The microprocessor you are using might be a Pentium, a k6, a power PC, a space or any other brand type or processor we have, but they all do the same thing.
A microprocessor also called Central Processing Unit CPU is a complete computation engine that is fabricated on single chips. The first microprocessor Intel 4004 was manufacture by Intel Corporation which was launch on 1972, the Intel 4004 was not powerful as at then, all it could do was to add and subtract, and it execute such operation a bit by bit at a time. Prior to the Intel 4004, engineers built computers either from collection of chips or from discrete components, that is from transistor wired one at a time. The first Intel 4004 was the one of the first portable calculator.
Intel 8080 Microprocessor
The first microprocessor to make to be available in the computer market space was a processor from Intel and it called Intel 8080, this Intel 8080 was a full 8-bit computer system that is build on one chip, introduced and launch in 1974 by Intel Corporation. This First Processor was initially produced for IBM PC (which first appeared around 1982). If you are familiar with the PC market and its history, you know that the PC market moved from the 8088 to the 80286 to the 80386 to the 80486 to the Pentium to the Pentium II to the Pentium III to the Pentium 4. All of these microprocessors are Design and Manufacture by Intel Corporation and all of them are improvements on the basic design of the 8088. The Pentium 4 can execute any piece of code that ran on the original 8088, but it does it about 5,000 times faster!

Since 2004, Intel has introduced microprocessors with multiple cores and millions more transistors. But even these microprocessors follow the same general rules as earlier chips Technology. 
 the Above simple tutorial is what shows a small history of microprocessor and how it has dominate the computer market till the present day. our next post shall be on the core function and mechanism of processor so keep a date with us.

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