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Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to format flash Drive in Windows Environment

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Protect your flash drive always

What is formatting?
Formatting is process of erasing all the whole data on a particular device . it is used to wipe out the stored data or information on a particular storage device both external and internal storage device use In computer System.  
List of both external and internal storage device that can be formatted
1.       Hard Disk Drive (internal Storage Device)
2.       Flash Disk Drive (external Storage device)
3.       Floppy Disk Drive (external storage device but not popular anymore)
4.       Memory Card (external storage devices use in PDA devices)
The  above Device and other once not mention here are the popular devices we use in computer and all of them can be formatted and reprogram to store entire new data all together if a problem occur as a result of using it.
1.       When the device contact virus
2.       When the device is not responding to commands
3.       When the device refuse to accept data
4.       When the deice is weak to hold data

 Step to follow to format a flash Disk Drive in Windows Environment.
1.       Plug the flash Disk Drive in the USB Port located at the back of the computer
2.       Go to my computer by pointing  at start button and left click at my computer
3.       Locate the flash and right click on it
4.       Scroll down to format on the menu that appear and choose format.
5.       Click ok on the dialogue box that display for you
6.       Wait for a few second and the flash will be formatted
My Next Post on this is on how to formatted flash on Dos.

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