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Saturday, 27 July 2013

How to Know the Best Operating System

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Sometime you may want to change your old operating system or you bought a new system but you don’t know the type or kind of operating system that will be good for you. Today I m going to list some of the popular O.S we use. It is left for you to make choice on the one to choose out the list that best suit the need of your PC.

Windows Base Operating System
Windows Base Operating System is a list of popular operating system manufacture by Microsoft Corporation. Below is the current list of windows Base Operating System before writing this post.
Windows 2000
Windows vista
Windows me
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Among the list of the above O.s, I prefer Windows XP. Reason is because of the it ability to resist virus attack, Automatic full version enable and popular in Demand both in Business and In Cybercafe.
Linux Base Operating System
 Linux Is One of the popular O.S that is good in programming. So if you want to go into programming as an IT career I advise you to consider making Linux your best O.S
Mac Base Operating System
Macintosh (popularly called Mac) is an O.S that is from Apple Inc. A leading  Ipad  and d PC manufacturing industry. They Integrate their O.S on their Ipad PC.
 The above list is just the few out of many O.S I have to list in this post. So it is left for you to make a choice on the one to choose out of the three popular O.S Mention Above.
Research window and Linux 

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