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Saturday, 24 August 2013


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Before we proceed let me introduce myself
My Name is Onyema Shedrach Popularly  called Onyibo.

Professional Background
I am a
  • An ICT Consultant
  • Internet Biz Expert
  • Young Entrepreneur
I am the owner of the website you are reading now and numerous other website.
 This website is created do to the passion and Zeal I have for Both Old and Young Nigerian out there that have Zeal and Interest + Ambition to make it in life and to create a product and to be financially empowered to be their own BOSS

Let Me Remind You About  
 1.Bill Gate the owner and founder of Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gate  is the top Richest Man in the whole world From 1997 to 2007.
Note: Bill Gate never work for somebody, rather he created a  Job for Others

2. Facebook Founder MackZuckerbeg, a drop out from Harvard University and a young safe Made Billion All over the world
MackZuckerbeg,  Never Work or employed by a particular organization, rather he created the Job For Himself

3. Linda the owner Of Linda Ikeja blog, a top and Highest Rank Blogger in Nigeria Base in Lagos State Nigeria.
Linda Of Ikajka Blog is not working under somebody instead she created and build herself through the leader of success.

4.Markind Azeez of NiajaLoaded and many other Nigeria and international  recognizes  Personality noted world wide who has made impact on particular thing or the other was never employed instead they are employer of labour and a solution provider to the world problem

Back to the Question

HOW CAN AN AVERAGE NIGERIAN MAKE  30,000.00 AND MORE MONTHLY ONLINE OR OFFLINE If this Question Sound Impossible For You, Don;t Worry let Me do a simple Mathematics to put you through.


Here at World Base Communication Technology, we have compiled  a Powerful Wealth Magic Income Generator E-book  called 

that can change your present financial Life. we bring this up do to the fact that we are celebrating our 2 Years Of Existence in the Industry.
This Our 8 in One Ebook  is meant  for Undergraduate, Admission Seekers, Corpers and Government Workers who wish to Change their Financial Status Positively and Legitimately, If you're Comfortable with your Present Condition, Do NOT Read Further.

1. You don't need to have a Laptop before you can Start Making Money Online, Your Mobile Phone and Cybercafe can do the Magic.
2. You don't need to have Millions in your Bank Account before you can Start any of the Business you're about to Learn in the E-book
3. Complaining about the Distance of the Venue? don;t worry because we have technology that can delivered the service fast as possible, Take the Risk now, Learn what will Change your Life forever.

Below is the list of the content of This Great E-Book that can change your Financial Status

1. How To Set Up Blogs And Make Money From It

Billion Numbers of Nigerians make Huge amount of Money Creating, Customizing and Installing/Enabling Some Features on Blogs.
It cost Cool amount of Money to get a Blog setup, Get the Required knowledge needed to Setup Blogs and Start Making Money setting it up for Companies, Schools, Individuals and for Personal Use.

2.  How To  Become a Bulk SMS Reseller & How to Make Serious Money from It

Do you know that every month, about 4 to 6 billion naira worth of SMS is sent in this country? Here is an opportunity to get your own share of the dice without stress. Before now, only a select few knew and have jealously guarded the secrets of how to set up a fully customizable and profitable sms portal with your own gateway. Now you too have the opportunity...
Make Money Selling SMS for Users, Have your Own Website and Sell SMS to Companies, Schools and Individuals. Make Huge Money like BBNSMS, LinkoSMS and Many Others.

Everybody is making money from the bulk sms business except you! do to you don;t have the rigt info on how to go about it, so in this E-Book we have compiled a good and well package tutorial to get you statred with Bulk SMS Biz.

3.How To Import Blackberry, Laptops, Ipads e.t.c From China, Thailand, USA and London At Cheaper Rates:-

Yes, You Guys have heard about this Importation Business, Some of you don't even believe in it.. Well, Its 100% Genuine and very Lucrative.
Are you an Undergraduate, Civil Servant, Corpers? You need the Basic Knowledge on How to Import Laptops, Phones, Modems, Mobile Blackberry Charge, Mifi, Cheap Wrist Watches and everything Delivered to your House within 4 Days? We will Teach you all you need to know incliuding a Small Ebooks incase you need any Answer to some Question.
I Imported close to 1,000 Pieces of Modem Last year at the rate of $10 each = N1,500 each and I was able to Sell them at N5,000 each, Meaning I gained N3,500 each.. Now do the Maths on My Profit 3,500 * 1,000 Pieces = N3,500,000 [Three Million Naira] Cash.. #No Magic  #No Scamming #No Ritual
Imagine! How Much you will be Making if you Import Laptops at the rate of N15,000 and Sell at N50,000.. You're in Money, get this Great E-book that can Change your Life for the Better.

 4 .How to Successfully Start A CPA Affiliate Program &Ad Related Business And Make An Average Of 20,000 Monthly.

Do you know you can Start up an Afiliat Program Such As CPA, Ad Related Programs, Freelance Writing that can Put Money in your Pocket With Little Packaging, You can Start Making Millions of Naira with this Biz, Its 100% Confirmed and Legit.

5. How To Track Your Laptop, Phones and Tablet When Stolen 

Do you know that you can track your laptop and  phone when stolen, we all know about car track, but technology has made provision for us to track Laptop, Phones Like Adriod phone, Blackberry and lot of other Mobile Device. with The simple procedure there in this E- book, you can track or even destroy the Phone or Laptop when stolen. 

6. How To Watch Dstv  Channel Free Of Charge

This is Real and confirm that with technology and your laptop with you or Desktop or even some Mobile Devices, You can Watch Premium Dstv  Channel Free Of Charge close to 40-70 channel with Limited Bandwidth and low internet conection, with this you dont; need any decoder to watch Channels like CNN, BBC, CNET, MBC Action, PressTV,Bollywood and Hollywood Channel, Sports, Church Stations the list is Endless. the Important Fact About this Free Dstv Manual Configuration Is that You can Start setting up Dstv Configuration For People. The Section On this Page Explain the Step You will Take To make it Happen. 

 7.Advance Computer A+

  we have compile a well Research Tutorial that can Put you through to become a Great computer Technician, 

Topic Covered in this guide are 
  1. How To Repair and Upgrade Laptop, Desktop, 
  2. Installation Guide Both Hardware and Software
  3.  How you can Get The Product Key of Any Software, 
  4. How To Troubleshoot and fix a Fault of Either Laptop or Desktop, 
  5. How to Upgrade From One Version of Window to Another, 
  6. System Maintenance Technique and A lot More. Take A BOLD STEP, Don't Dream of Whit Coller Job that cannot come.

8.Basic and Advance System Security Guide

Here we have compiled a wonderful Easy way to get yopu started in System Maintenance and General Management Skill, this Skills Can Make You Run a Cybercafe or To train People On How To Setup Any Cybercafe or any networking Base Company that need an Network Administrator on their Establishment  

  Include on this Page is 
  1.  How you can Run a Cybercafe, 
  2.  How to Configure simple WAN and LAN Network for sharing of information. 
  3. VPN Network Guide For Free Browsing  

  Price Tagged:

Imagine  getting this E-book For Just #8000.00. This Price Tagged can change anytime when Our Subscriber Reach 200. I Only need two Hundred Nigerian That want to make history in the sand Of Africa and the Whole World.

Other Discount
Because Of The Fact that I really want you Nigerian out there to Be Self Employed and to get Yourself Skils and Ability Towards Becoming Notable Person in the World, I Have Other Option For those who don't Have £8000.0 to pay for 8 Package at once .
You can Pay for the Package As Follow
Two Out Of the 8 Package  for #1500.00

1.How To Track Your Laptop, Phones and Tablet When Stolen
2.How To Import Blackberry, Laptops, Ipads e.t.c From China, Thailand, USA and London At Cheaper Rates
Price Slash: #1500.00

1.How To Set Up Blogs And Make Money From It:-

2.How To Become a Bulk SMS Reseller & How to Make Serious Money from It
Price Slash: #1500.00 

How to Make Use of the E-Book
1. Implement the Idea and Start up your Own IT Carer
2. You can Resell it Online with any Of your Preferred Price Tagged.
3.You Can Use it To Launch Seminar In your Area 

Payment Detail
Please this Package is a cost effective and we are not charging this because that we don't want it to be free of charge it just for you  to value the worth of the package when you finish learning it. scroll down below to see the  method you will used  to purchase this package.

Method Of Payment




Account Name:              Onuh Onyema Shedrach

Account Number:  0020903245

· After payment, send the following details below to, 08136367446

· Depositors Name
· Bank used for Payment.
·Number of E-Book paid for
· Bank teller number
· Correct and functional e/mail address.
 Once the alert Get to us We shall forward the package to your Email You sent to us.
1.You Must Provide A Valid Email Address because we shall delivered the Package to the  Email you provide to us. 
2.Make sure you call our Assistance Customer Line on +2348136367446, once the payment is made. 

Simple Payment Example Method To Follow 

Depositor Name: John Mike 
Bank Use: Diamond Bank 
Number of Ebook: Bulk SMS Guide, Importation Guide, Laptop/Phone Tracking Guide
Bank Teller Number: 367678
Email: john@yahoo.com
Send  to 08136367446  
 Use the Above Format To Make Your Payment   

We have being Selling Thousand of E-book On this site So your own case will not be exceptional, but incase if the package did not reach up to your test, we shall give you back your money within 24 hours notice.
I have Compile and Produce these Powerful 8 in One Magic Income Generator E-book that I know for Sure you will like to have. This E-book is at a Bonanza Give Away  Price For Now, many people have already started  their Making Payment Hurry Now before we get the required number we need.Note that your future lines in your hand  So Oder Now to
Avoid Delay!   
for those people that is complaining that Diamond Bank is Not in their Location Call Us on 08136367446 For An Alternative Means Of Payment
 Sign Management 
Courtesy Of 

Assistance Customer Line +2348136367446

Knowledge is power and I am here to give out the best I can. Feel free to contact me
with any question you may have as a result of this post or any other thing. Share this article with friend, on facebook, Twitter, or live a comment below. If you want to know me click HERE.

more tips and tutorial
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more contact info
  Mobile No +2348136367446 
 mail us 
or onyemashedrach9@gmail.com 
or onyema.shedrach@yahoo.com
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  1. This article is very important for me. "HOW CAN AN AVERAGE NIGERIAN MAKE 30,000.00 AND MORE MONTHLY ONLINE OR OFFLINE" this line is attractive.


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