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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What are Files, Folder and Document in Computer?

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I was just sitting on my PC this Morning when this taught came up in mind my to explain some few terms for people who don’t know what Files, Folders or even Document Mean in Computer. 

File in computer simply means a collection of related information that are stored in a particular place in a computer system. File can ranges from all the entire Work you do on Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Publisher, CorelDraw etc. which you have save in a particular directory in your computer. Such works is regarded as a file in computer.

Folder in computer simply means a file Manager. We use Folder to manage our File effectively in computer. Folder is meant to use in keeping our work intake and Nice. There is always a slogan in computer that we cannot store file outside folder. We shall talk more about folder on our subsequent tutorial, so keep a date with us. 

Document simply Means collection of all the entire files and folder we have a computer. As a matter of fact, computer is being program to have a separate window called my Document where on can asve His or her work in computer.
Having look at the three terms in computer which are files, folder and document we shall being going deep into some certain task one can accomplish with computer, so keep a date with us as we bring you this series of tutorial on our subsequent tutorial. ….!

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