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Friday, 30 May 2014

How to Carry Out Market Survey as a Technician

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Market Survey as regard to computer simply means the process and art of Buying computer component/ Accessories from the Computer Dealer. It is obvious that many people don’t understand the power of being an engineer or a technician. Gone are those days where you will need to read different set of books; acquire certain certification, or a degree, Master
etc before you can be called an engineer. whether you are a technician or an Engineer by profession, a time may come when you need to go for a market survey to get some component of a computer system either for yourself or for a client and you may not know how to go about it, so today in this post I shall list and explain some guideline on how a technician, Engineer or a computer lover can Easily carry out a market survey without much assistance. 

Step To follow in carrying out a market Survey
1.     Identify and List the component you want to Purchase in the Market
2.     Have an Estimate sum of the Money you want to use in making your purchase
3.     Determine the alternative component you may likely want to get if your income could not get the one you have in mind

4.     Make an extra inquiry about the component you want to buy.
5.     Visit the computer dealer accessories to make your purchase.
6.     Try to use the terms to describe the component rather than the name direct
 If you want to buy a CPU you can use the configuration terms like I want P4 or Dual Core PC, AMD etc.
 saying the terms to the seller will make the seller to understand that you know the component and it will prompt him to sell original component for you.
If the above procedure is follow, you can make a wonderful purchase on a retailer base shop. Our next post on this will be on how to make or Carry out purchase online. So keep a date with us in this site.

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