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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Laptop Overheating, Cause and Prevention

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Laptop is becoming the modem Device everybody has and will like to take with. Laptop ranges from different sizes and shapes, I am not going to be talking about the shapes and features of a laptop. Today I will explain briefly all about laptop overheating and how you can prevent it.  
Laptop Overheating
Laptop overheating simply means a process whereby laptop Processor become too hot that it sometimes cause the laptop to start producing enormous sound and noise that can lead to several problem like Laptop Hanging, Break Down in Operation and lot more!.
According to some Research conducted, Laptop overheating is the greatest trait that is associated with Modem Days computation. Some of Processors Manufacturing company Like Intel and AMD  always recommend the user to be very careful about how the operation in a laptop is being handle.
Cause of laptop Overheating
Below I have listed the Possible because of laptop overheating that you should make sure you avoid.
1.      Restarting the laptop from the Power Cord. Some people always restart the computer from the power Cord, this activities is not encourage, as this may lead to serious Problem ranging from the System developing Laptop overheating and other problem.
2.      Running some heavy Program. Once you buy a new laptop, the first thing first is for you to check the system property, why because you should know the system property pro to installing any Program in the system. Some of the programs like Multimedia Editing software example Video Editing software like Ulead, Studio Press, Relational Database Programs such as Oracles, Drawing Programs like AutoCAD All require a System with High Processing Speed for them to function well and when you them on low system Grade, it will tend to take up the Processors of the system and in a bit to meet up with your user input command for process execution may lead to the system Overheating. 
3.      Running A High Gamming Software in Your Laptop: some People always like to Run Some Nice Games on their Laptops without even considering the Outcome of the System General Heat Status. Games are good and it is for fun, but don’t run a game that Require a high Processor on a low Processors because you’re System if not put into Review may be put into Crashing do to high Processing Activities the system will undergo in other to run the Game.
4.      Low Maintenance Activities: if you are using your laptop for any computational Activities, it is Advisable that you frequently maintain your laptop like Disk Defragmenting the Hard Disk, Running Disk Cleanup, Running Disk Clean Up, Scanning the system. In doing these activities regularly will help to prevent any known future problem that may happen to your laptop.  
The above Reverse mentions point are the way towards preventing laptop overheating. To summarize the prevention method
1.      Avoid Force Restarting of your laptop unless in some exception issues
2.      Avoid Running some heavy programs that may crash the system
3.      Avoid High gamming software that may be of Risk to your laptop
4.      Perform maintenance Activities on your laptop
Final word
In view of the above point, causes and prevention, it is highly advisable that you maintain your laptop with this outline tips and more for your laptop to last for you. If you think that there is more method that is not mention, you can quickly do that by dropping your comment below this post. Keep in touch for feature update.

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