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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


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Today we shall look at 5 top freelancer site YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH, it important and use 
Let me introduce you to 5 top freelancer site I use often, and I can recommend to anyone who want to make money either as a cool freelancer or as internet marketer.
Freelancing is a means through which one can earned hug amount of money online by either writing a Article or doing something fo Gig. You can equally showcase your services on freelancer site and people can hire you to do some work for them as a freelancer. Though most of the freelancer site always plays strict in rating some of the freelancers so below is the top freelancing site I recommend for any one who want to make money through freelancing. 


elance is a major freelancer website where professional with real CV search for job and companies look for qualified professional to employ.
Elance provide a lot of customer checks to make sure the users arrant participating in any fraudulent activities such as scam and poorly delivered services.
freelancer works just like elance but provide more flexibility by giving you update on any skill or expertise you specified while registering with them.
Also the completion on freelancer.com is low compare to other top Gig.
fivere is a freelancer site and a micro-freelancing site where you post a service and job starting from $5, you get paid once your service is ordered.
Services in fiverr is called gig that is to say that one gig is equal to $5 in fiverr, you can also offer services in multiple of gig if you are above level 1.
gigbucks works just like fiverr, only that you can offer services from $5 to $50 only. They do both Micro Job. You can eared couple of thousand of Dollar in both fivver and gigbucks but all your earning depends on your expertise and smart way of delivering and rendering of service in both website. 
5.   www.odesk.com
odesk is a very popular freelancing website that you can use to sell or buy the service of programmers, designer and IT specialist. It can also come in handy for freelacer writer because the site is more of Computer Guru who wants to either increase the general outlook of his or her website.
Note that odesk will give you a test to ascertain your preparedness to show your client how ready you are to delivered services to them.
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