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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Get Your Paypal Account With Blog

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welcome to a brand new Month, it is a new year with great expectation and prospect , today post simply explains how to get a Paypal Account using your Blog, Personal and Business site. Do not be deceive by some of this online marketer promising to get you a papal
 with a little fund but you could actually get your Paypal Account using your blog, the only way you can help us to give you this great tutorial is to comment and ask question with it we are sure of the fact that our post is helpful or not.

Most of the Tutorial is described here on How to Get a Payoneer Mastercard with a Blog, please read carefully because we are gonna continue from there now.

Simple Steps Towards in Getting a Paypal Account Using a Blog/Site

1. Set up a blog or an official site or use your existing blog

2. Register as a publisher with Payoneer partner site like Infolinks

3. Place infolinks ads on your Site and wait for ads to show on your site.

4. Then head over to payments method on Infolinks dashboard

5. Choose Pay by Payoneer Mastercard

6. This immediately directs you to Payoneer Homepage

7. Register your account with valid name, email and address at this site

8.  Wait for Payoneer admin to accept your registration.
9. After few days, an email will be sent to you to upload valid government document

10. A working United State Acccount will be created for you by Payoneer inc

11. This is the checking account you will use to verify your Paypal account in the next step

12. Head on to Paypal Account Homepage and click on Register. If your country is not listed in the Paypal eligible country, then use a VPN for this.

13. Register and accept the terms and condition with Paypal and get set for verification

14. At this stage, Paypal will send an Email to you asking you to verify your Paypal Using a US bank account, then carefully paste your Payoneer Checking account on the space provided.

Paypal will send few sent to the account just to verify the account, then after a few days your account get verified and your Paypal is ready for use.

This was the exact way i got my Paypal using my Blog. You not Pay anybody for this information on How to Get a Paypal Account with a Blog. Its free and trusted.
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