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Thursday, 20 February 2014


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Every internet user, businessman or organization need this. If you are looking for the easiest way to access or fix your client computer right from where you are. Then this tutorial is for you, let me quickly introduce a unique and power app called TIMEVIWER app, it is an app that remotely controls the activities of another computer anywhere in the world with just a simple click.
Reason you must use TIMEVIEWER app
1.   Remote control: with time viewer you can control your client computers remotely via the internet as if you are sitting right in front of them.
2.   File transfer: you can easily transfer files or an attachment from your computer to another computer
3.   Mobile: meaning you can carry this app anywhere you want to go on your mobile while you access another computer with it.
How Can I download this app
1.   Download it here
2.   Run and install it on your device
3.   During installation, choose private use, check vpn and file transfer box
4.   Once the installation is complete, you should note your password and user ID.
Device Supported
It supports windows, windows phone/ipad, Mac, and Linus. 


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