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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Prevention of Laptop Battery Case

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Hi, welcome to World Base Communication Technology , it has been long we discuses topic on Laptop tips and tricks but I am back now with a lot of Loads on my hands, we are going to look at simple tricks we shall follow or do to prevent laptop battery from damage. The reason why I bring  this tutorial is the horrible experience I had with my AMD laptop recently, when I change to Intel base processor, I have a little relives of my worry of the system but a problem occur which lead me to write a very short tutorial for people to be caution on how they swap battery on laptops.

Simple step to Prevent Laptop Battery Case
Don’t install a laptop battery that you know for sure is not compatible with your laptop module
Look at the laptop battery back specification and description to know the right module on the laptop
Check to see a number calibration which will help you to know the laptop module before you change the laptop
Always be very careful why swapping or changing the laptop case to avoid breaking the inner sensitive pin that holds the laptop battery
Use the necessary precaution why working on a laptop battery
Go to a good technician to help you out if you are stocks on how to go about the removing of your dead laptop battery.
If you can follow the above simple tips, you can actually Prevent problem of Laptop Battery Case. Thanks for coming toady to our blog.

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  1. I read your entire article and I genuinely like it.


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