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Thursday, 23 October 2014

System Configuration You should be aware of Before Buying a Computer

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If you have Cary out a simple task to buy a computer system and you made a mistake by Not checking the below system configuration then you may be be building that may get collapse anytime.
Tips to check before making any computer purchase

1. Check for the Processor and RAM clocking.
Processor as we all know is the brain of the computer, it is not good for the Ram to be higher than the processor in terms of calibration. Example if you see a computer with this configuration Processor 1.80 GHZ against 2.00 GB of RAM it suggest danger because the system may develop fourth in the long run do to issue related to system overclocking. So in a simple summery, go for a system that the processor is greater than the RAM.
2. System Bit Specification
I know many people don,t know what System Bit is all about but here is the simple explanation for it, simple bit simply mean the value carnal assign to the system which determine the Bit allocation and branding of the system. There are two type of system Bit 32 Bit and 64 Bit, some if you mistakenly purchase a wrong bit System you may discover that you may not be able to run some software on the system do to Bit compatibility. The system Bit specification can be located at the control panel under system property of any PC. So make sure to buy the right Bit base on the usage of the computer.
3. External Accessories
Some time, we are always in a hurry that we don,t check for some other vital component before we buy our computer, some of the vital component which we shall consider before making purchase include sound, DVD Rw, Wireless enable for laptop, Bluetooth connection, Webcam etc.
So do you still want to purchase that your dream computer, then make sure you put the above tips into consideration before you finally make payment. Have question me vie the comment box below and thanks for stopping by today to read from our blog post.

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