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Friday, 15 August 2014

Why I hate AMD Processor

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Cheap in price
One good quality Attribute of any kind of a computer is it lasting power and ability to serve the user for a long period of time, AMD Processor is one cheap rated computer brand in the world , one of my friend recently purchase a brand new laptop with the following configuration Processor speed of 3.00 GHZ,
RAM 2.00GHZ, 270GB , Webcam enable, Sound, DVD-RW, Portable looking with very fast booting sequence, after accessing the computer I ask her how much did she Buy the laptop, she respond 40000 (forthy Thousand Naira), I quickly crosscheck the Processor brand and I found out that is AMD Processor, that is why I doubted the authenticity and durability of the laptop, it is not up to 2 month when my friend came back to me crying that her laptop got crash. What is this story trying to point out, an AMD Processor is not a lasting kind of computer. Name it whether laptop or desktop, they use the cheap price grading system to lure the buyer and to rub them of their hard earn money, instead of buying a cheap system that won’t last for you, save your money and go for a higher grading type of a computer.
Problem of Overheating
When it comes to system overheating, 95% of the system in the world that experience overheating related problem is normally an AMD Processor base. It can be very frustrating that when you want to burn a plate in your system, you notice that your system is almost crashing do to excessive heating secession, AMD Processor is not a good Processor that ca n handle heavy work like Multimedia Editing example Video Editing, Heavy Database Program Example Oracle DBMS. Even though it may work well in the beginning but as time goes on, you will notice that your system is gradually fading out.
Processor work load
AMD Processor is noted word wide for having a Processor workload. When a processors get tense up for just performing a small actives like booting up the system it is called Processor workload overflow, AMD Processor tend to heat up easily when the system boot which lead to several problems because if the Processor is not giving out the correct system cyclic machine function then the system is Dum for destruction.

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