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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Simple Trick to hide the entire Whole Icon on the Desktop Environment

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Sometime we may want to hide some icon or the entire whole Icon on the Desktop from our visitor and we don’t know how to go about it. So in this blog post, I shall briefly Gives you the Trick to accomplish that within few seconds of your time.
Before we look into how we can hide Desktop icon we shall briefly Highlight some important of Desktop icon.
Icon: icon in computer are use to describe all the image/pictorial Representation of a command we use in a computer. The icon helps the user to interact effectively with the computer in a great way, by giving the user a gateway between the command interface in the source program of the computer program and when a particular icon is being click, some command or call to action of some command are executed by the computer, in more elaborate explanation, icon bridge the gap between the user and the source program in the computer system. Sometime we may hide this icon from our visitor if we have important files or program that we don’t want them to know about.
Steps to Hide Al, the Whole Icon on the Desktop
1.      Right click on the Desktop on a plane place
2.      Choose Arrange Icon by on the Dialogue box that appear 
3.      Left click on show Desktop icon
4.      You will see that the whole icon on the desktop will be invisible
5.      To restore it back, just right click on the Desktop and choose arrange icon and finally click on Show Desktop icon.
Final Word
I believe you have learn this tricks that will hide all the whole icon on the desktop environment, note that these tutorial is base on windows XP Operating system, but the step is almost the same in any other O.S. if you have any Question, suggestion drop it Vie comment box.

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