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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Best Place to Save Document in Computer

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Sometime, we are left with the Question of where is the Best Place to Save Document in Computer, today in this post; I shall give my opinion on where is the Acceptable place to save our files and Document in a computer.
Many Big term computer users suggest that Desktop Background is the Best place to save our Document or Files for easy Access, Others Claim that saving our Files and Document in the Local Disk i.e. Drive C is the Best practices. Among the Two Suggestion people always recommend are not the Best Practice of saving our Files and Document as I shall briefly   give the Advantages and Disadvantages of each of them.
Advantages of Saving Files in Desktop Environment
1.      Easily Accessible to the Users all the Time
2.      No need to Look Very deep to see the Files
3.      Gives you Direct View of your Document
            Disadvantages of Saving Files in Desktop Environment
1.      It make your Desktop to Look Dirty
2.      It make your computer Look ugly and Disturbing from the eyes of your Visitor
3.      It create a form of Distraction in terms of Navigating your Computer
4.      Your files are not Secure
Advantages of Saving Files in Drive C
1.      It create a form of security on your Files
2.      Difficult to Access the File
3.      You can use a folder to Deeply Hide your Files in Drives C. 
Protect Your Files Always

          Disadvantages of Saving Files in Drive C
1.      Drive C is not good in Saving of Files as the Files and Settings of the PC are all located in Drive C.
2.      It may create a File confliction between the System files
3.      Your files may contaminate the Drive C if there is an Element of virus on it
4.      There may be Accident deletion of System Files as a result in opening a file
So in View of the Above stated Pros and Cons on both Saving an Files in Desktop and On drive C, it is therefore not a good Practice to save a files or Document in either the Desktop or Drive C.
Acceptable Place to Save our Files or Document.
My Document
My Document is a System File Saving Interface Windows that is in every known Computer system which is use in Saving of Files.
Base on the Above Definition, I highly Recommend saving of our Work in My Document, because of the following Reason;
1.      It efficiency and Neatness
2.      It is Recommend and it is only Acceptable Means of Saving of Document
3.      It can Accept as Many Files as Possible
4.      It Has no Limitation of File input
5.      It has Arrangement ability to Arrange all your Files in other
Final Word
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