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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to Run Disk Cleanup in a Computer System

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Disk Cleanup is a utility and maintenance program that is integrated in any operating system especially window base operating system which help to scan the Disk and make it look healthy. The scan Disk utility helps to resolve any Disk Security and Clustering of Hard Disk.  It is advisable that you perform Disk Cleanup Regularly in computer to keep the Hard Disk Fresh and secured.
1.      Click at Start Button
2.      Choose All Program-Accessories-System Tools –and Click at Disk Cleanup as shown in Diagram at left.

3.      Once you follow the procedure carefully a dialog box will appear which will calculate the number of volume in Drive C
4.      Once the system have done in calculating the amount of Disk in Drive C, it will give you a statistics on the volume of Drive C given you a list of File to be deleted and free up. Just mark those files and click Ok for the system to perform the Action of Cleaning up the Disk for you.

Final word
If you dully followed the above step, you will have your system free from some space of files that may block some function of Disk Full in your computer. In case you encounter any problem during the process, just feel free to let me know Vie the comment Box.

1 comment :

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