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Sunday, 1 December 2013


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Hi, Welcome To World Base Communication Technology.  welcome to  a Brand New Month with great Expectation!. Thanks For Stopping By To Read from Our Post Today. Last time we discus  a Tutorial on what is Drives in Computer,and How to  protect and maintain our Drives
Today Lecture will be very Unique and Great because I am about to exposed you to FACTS ABOUT ELECTRICAL POWER AND SURGE SUPPRESSORS

The voltage you get from the wall socket is NOT always what you expect ...
There are periodic fluctuations in voltage from devices going on and off in your building, problems in the transmission line,
electrical storms, bad or faulty transformers, etc. Sometimes these fluctuations in voltage may exceed several thousand volts.
When this happens, bad things can happen to good computers (or any other kinds of electrical devices).
Surge Suppressor
A surge suppressor provides a way to deal with voltage spikes (but not loss of voltage). The surge suppressor has a metaloxide
varistor (MOV) that will shunt excess voltages to ground, thereby saving your PC.
When buying a surge suppressor, the most important thing to check for is the clamping voltage of the unit. The
clamping voltage is that point when excess voltage will be diverted to ground. A good suppressor will have a clamping voltage
of approximately 300 volts, and will have a Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) listing of UL 1449. This is sufficient to protect
your PC from harmful excess voltage.
Reliable surge suppressor are made by the following companies:
- APC - TrippLite - Curtis
As long as the suppressor has the UL 1449 rating and a 300 volt clamping voltage, it will serve you well. These should cost
you between $30 and $60 in the local stores.
Uninterruptible Power Supply
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will have this same technology, but it contains a battery in it as well. The battery in
the UPS will allow your PC to continue to operate if power has been cut off to your building. HOWEVER, it will only last for
a few minutes (5 - 30 minutes). An UPS allows you to shut off your PC in a normal fashion in the event of a power failure.
These will cost at least $100 for a low-end model, and high-performance versions can cost thousands of dollars.
If you have intermittent voltage failures in your area (i.e., the power frequently cuts off for only a second), consider getting a
low-end surge suppressor. It will save you immense amounts of grief when using your PC, since all the information stored in
RAM is wiped out when power is cut off.

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