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Sunday, 27 October 2013

What Are PHP Websites, and Steps On how to create and design a php website Easily using mobile Devices As A Tool

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Welcome to world Base Communication Technology, Please if this is your first time of coming to our website you can click here for our wonderful collection of tutorial or click here to see our giveaway gift 
it has being quite  a while we discus any tutorial on web design, it is due to the fact that we have being busy lately but let kick off our tutorial by learning how to Create a PHP Base Site. 

You may be thinking, what does php mobile Websites mean and what differentiate it from other website platform that you you know like CMS Base Platform

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 Well, mobile php websites are Websites which require few knowledge on hyper-text mark up language.(html).

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These types of websites are mostly hosted for free/unlimited by several mobile web hosting servers such as www.wapka.mobi, www.nazuka.net etc. And they mostly end with .tk or .wapka.mobi e.g www.mysite.tk, or www. and are mostly customised, build and design with the helps and supports of web base scripts otherwise known as templates in other websites e.g blogs platform.i,e blogger, wordpress, Online Wbsite Builder eg Webs.com  etc.

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These php scripts(templates) are mostly inform of the gz, css and zip format and not xml format

Some of the Advantages of These Php mobile websites Are;
  • they are mostly setup and programmed with the help of mobile phones
  • they always have free and unlimited hosting with large amount of boundwidth spaces, 
  • also you dont need a computer before you can setup these sites, where as you Maintain, Edit, Customise and Design your site with the way that suite your preference just with the help of your mobile phone and some mobile web browsers such as opera mini, ucweb etc, 
  • And the scripts(templates) can easily be edited using some java phone software such as the Bluethoot File Transfer Protocol(blueftp) whereby the script can be edited by anyone and send it to whom needs it(through mail, text msg, mms) and all you have to do is to download and upload the script sent to you by the editor to your php mobile site using some ftp clients such as www.flyhoster.tk, www.peakhost.tk,www.nazuka.net etc.
Are you the type that dont know how to create and design a php mobile website with the help of your mobile phone for your business or brand without paying huge amount of Money To Internet Gurus to do it for You?..IF YES,then this tutorial post is for you.

Below are step by step guides on how you can Easily Design a php mobile website for your self.
1.Visit www.flyhoster.tk and signup with a valid Gmail Account Account, after successful signup and registration.

2.login to your Gmail Inbox and Validate your account by clicking On the Link Sent To You from www.flyhoster.tk.

3.After Activating your Account with Www.flyhoster.tk, Download any Php Script from either www.naijamobile.in Or Www.sureapps.tk.
4.After downloading any of the Script at the above sites, go to www.flyhoster.tk and login with your gmail address and your password you use when registering your account, after successful login, scroll down to control panel and click on it, goto mysql and click on it.

5.At the next page, fill out the field with your login details..NOTE:Let your database username not be more than 5 characters.(write it down and keep it safe for future use).

6.After that, scroll down to Enter php my admin.

7.Goto any ftp client at www.sureftp.tk or www.prosperftp.tk and login with your site database login details.

8.After Successful Login, look for public_html and delete it.
Scroll down and click on Upload, at the next page,select and upload the script you downloaded from www.naijamobile.in or www.sureapps.tk.
10.After you have uploaded the script successfully, you have to extract it by Clicking on the name of the script.

11.At the next Page, you will See Extract and copy, Click On Extract and at the next page, you will be ask to input the name of the extracted file.

12.Rename it From the previous script to public_html in small letters and click on Execute to complete the extraction task.

13.After That, go to Setting and fill in the empty field with your site details.

14.Next, Go to www.yoursite.com/install.php (replace the yoursite with your site name) to register your adminship.

Thats All, For Creating a Php Mobile site using Phones.

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