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Monday, 4 November 2013

Free Excel Kit

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Hi, Good day viewers, it has been long we talk about making money principle, the reason is because  we are working tirelessly to bring a very lucrative and real means on how to make money here in Nigeria and any other part of the world . Today we have compiled a very easy to understand and well research E-Book on Excel Tutorial title Excel Kite. We bring this E-Book do to the fact that we have come to realize that why some people fail to Excel in Life in terms of finance is due to improper management of fund. Getting money is not the problem but learning how to manage and control the money is the greatest challenge. So with is E-Book you will go home smiling because you will learn how to master your Expenses and make more money .
What is this Excel Kit E-Book All About?

Before we proceed, I will like to give a background and brief explanation of what MS Excel Is all about
Microsoft Excel Is a spreadsheet Program   that is from Microsoft Corporation, which is mealy use for calculation and statistics analysis and financial management.  With Ms Excel any Organization, individual need not to boarder about how to carry out their statistics analysis It equally give you ability to detect both the progress and downfall of any organization within a snappy time. So you see why you need the knowledge of MS Excel to control your Financial Life. and Excel not only helps you to perform calculation only but equally give you more ability and insight on how to control your daily financial life.
Back to the question of what is this Excel Kit E-Book All About?
The Excel Kit E-Book is a well Design and Explain E-Book that can get you started in terms of Mastering Microsoft Excel. It is written a plane language and presented with graphic to facilitate easy mastering of the software.

1.       How to Install and Launch to Program
2.       Overview of the Environment
3.       Explanation of terms such as worksheet, cell, labels, values, table etc.
4.       Entering of data in Ms Excel here the E-Book illustrate how to create and delete Rows and Column, input Value or Label etc.
5.       Currency conversion in this section how to convert currency from one form or the other is well explain
6.       Formula Entry  and  calculation here the issue of cell referencing, filtering, conditional formatting, sorting,  linking and entry of both advance and basic function in MS Excel is fully illustrated with Graphics to Aid your Learning.
7.       Using of Chart Here all about Charting and Chart illustration is well handle, Area cover here include how to create Bar chart, Pie Chart, line Chart, formatting of Chart, etc
8.       Linking Ms Excel Here How to Link Excel to Ms-world or Ms- PowerPoint is well Explain
So looking at the above content we believe strongly that if after implanting the tutorial illustrated on the E-Book, we give you 100% of succeeding in Business and personal financial life. One of the reason why this our Excel Kit E-Book is Unique is the fact that we have create as a well brand graphic interface to make the tutorial interactive and we equally put it in PDF format where you can equally read it in PDAS Device like Android Phones, Blackberry that has PDF Enable Software like Adobe Reader.
Who is this Ms-Excel Kit For?
The Ms-Excel Kit is for the following Group of People
1.       Business Man who want to control his Daily Income and Monitor his Progress through Computer
2.       An Organization who need to monitor their company progress and profit merging
3.       A student who want to master calculation in computer and in turn help other in solving some problem relating to finance.
4.       A Household who want to control their Daily EXPENSES
5.       A statistician who want to further understand more about DATA Analysis.
6.       A freelancer who is a virtual Assistance in the internet.

How much is the EBook 

The EBook Cause Just N 5000 but N 1500.00, imaging getting this for just N 1500.00. We are selling this EBook for N 1500.00 as a giveaway price just to help you Master How to control your finance. The price may change any time, so hurry now to avoid delay. 

How to Make Use of the E-Book

1. use the Idea on the E-book to control you Financial life
2. You can Resell it Online with any Of your Preferred Price Tagged.
3.You Can Use it To Launch Seminar In your Area 

Payment Detail
Please this Package is a cost effective and we are not charging this because that we don't want it to be free of charge it just for you  to value the worth of the package when you finish learning it. scroll down below to see the  method you will used  to purchase this package.

Method Of Payment




Account Name:              Onuh Onyema Shedrach

Account Number:  0020903245

· After payment, send the following details below to, 08136367446
· Depositors Name
· Bank used for Payment.
·Number of E-Book paid for
· Bank teller number
· Correct and functional e/mail address.
 Once the alert Get to us We shall forward the package to your Email You sent to us.

1.You Must Provide A Valid Email Address because we shall delivered the Package to the  Email you provide to us. 
2.Make sure you call our Assistance Customer Line on +2348136367446, once before or after   the payment is made.

Simple Payment Example Method To Follow 

Depositor Name: John Mike
Bank Use: Diamond Bank
E- book Paid For Excel Kit
Bank Teller Number: 367678
Email: john@yahoo.com
Send  to 08136367446  

 Use the Above Format To Make Your Payment   

We have being Selling Thousand of E-book On this site So your own case will not be exceptional, but in case if the package did not reach up to your test, we shall give you back your money within 24 hours notice.
for those people that is complaining that Diamond Bank is Not in their Location Call Us on 08136367446 For An Alternative Means Of Payment

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