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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


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Welcome to world Base Communication Technology, Please if this is your first time of coming to our website you can click here for our wonderful collection of tutorial or check out our giveaway gift  here

We have being discussing computer tech stuff in this website, such as how to format your computer with window 7, how to fix some laptop related issues and lot more!. But today we shall discuss a different thing all together just to prove to you guys that notepad is very important in the computer and to give you some hint on what code can do in the computer system. 
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This Tutorial I am about to show you now is a serious Hacking One, Just Follow me gradually to get the Real Scope!
2.      Most computer users feel/think Notepad is a useless tool in a computer but to be sincere its one of my Favorite Hex Editor, though this Tutorial are available on some other Hacking Blog but it’s not appropriate if it's not available on World Base communication Technology that is  why I have to give you the scope.
3.      warning: On no Account will World Base communication Technology or its Admin be hold Responsible if anyone caught in the Act of H@cking, This Tutorial is strictly for Educational Use only and it should not be use in a bad way.
4.      With this Tutorial you can Format your Friend or Victim PC Hard Drive and Make him lose all Data beyond Recovery.

1. Open your Notepad on your computer by going to start button-All Program-Accessory –and click at Notepad  and copy the Below code into it.

1.      Then Save it as anyname.exe e.g onyema.exe but make sure the name look very attractive in such a way that your Victim will love and click on it.
4. To Save File with any Extension in Notepad, In the File name: type oneyma.exe and in save as type: Just choose All Files
5. Now you will have something like this on your PC but make sure you don’t open the File on your own PC else you will be the Hacker and also the Victim.

  6. Now send the File to your Friend through Flash Drive and copy it along with Other         Software, but make sure your give it a lovely name so that he can Fall flawlessly!
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I know some people will ask me some of this Question!
1. How can we Prevent this? = Well, I don’t know of any way but just be careful and don’t ever open or run any .exe file without icon like the one in the image you created.
 If after you Fall to be a victim, what is going to happen to my PC? = Your PC won’t boot up, you have to Format and Re-Install all the Software again and that is why you must be very careful to avoid collateral damage on your PC. 

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