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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


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In our last post on this drives tutorial we have discuses what is Drive in Computer and we equally look at   How to Maintain And Protect our Drive  and A DRIVE STATSTICS IN COMPUTER
But today we shall summaries these part one series by looking at how we can install any external Drive we bought.
Sometime we may buy an external Drive such as DVD-ROM Drive, CD-ROM Drive, DVD-RW Drive etc and we don’t know how to install it to the computer. Don’t worry because we shall look at briefly

To demonstrate this practical approach we shall use a New DVD-ROM Dive for Demo.
Some Tips and Warning: Any DVD, CD ROM or RW in the computer is install in the secondary IDE inside the Motherboard on the System Unite.  Make sure you used zero insertion force while installing it.
Material or things to buy:  
1. DVD or CD Drive 
2. Drive Cable (optional) 3. Screw
why I use optional for Drive Cable is that your System may have a Drive Cable inside it, just check it before going for your shopping, if the above materials are ready let go!
Quick Steps TO follow to install DVD or CD ROM Drive to your computer
1.      Get a Screw driver
2.      Loose up the system unite case
3.      Locate a particular drive cable inside the motherboard  label secondary IDE 
4.      Take the drive cable and face the node to be in frequency with that of the one in the board.
5.      Plug it on the IDE secondary usually label IDE 2 for some system.
6.      Plug the new drive cable to the new drive you buy facing the node correctly.
7.      Couple the system case back when you are through and reboot the system to text your work. 
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