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Thursday, 5 September 2013


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 Last time we look into what isdrive in Computer means, and  How to Maintain and Protect our Drives, so today we shall look into Drives we use in our computer. Their names and what they stand for.
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The computer we use every day comes with a lot of inbuilt component or function in the machine. For instance the processors control the execution of task why the operating system loads program into memory for execution. In other words the operating system controls the booting sequence of the computer.
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But apart from the computer system booting up and coming alive or executing other basic by other component like the processors. Computer equally contain some vital component that can help  you out in some other extral moral task in the machine .
The Basic Drive that regulate drive active in computer are as follows
1.      DVD ROM
DVD ROM meaning Digital Read Only Memory is one of the popular drives that come with some computer. This drive helps to install computer program inside the computer. It is read only memory meaning that it can only read the content of the setup file and execute the action of trying to run the installation file in the system without deleting or coping the raw file from the Disk.
DVD ROM though read only memory can allow PC user to play, watch Videos and Music on the PC if there is installed Power DVD or other DVD software’s in the PC.
DVD ROM can read content from both CD (compact Disk) and DVD (Digital Versatile Disk)
2.      CD-ROM
CD-ROM meaning Compact Disk Read Only Memory  is one of the popular dirve we have in our PC. CD-ROM can only read Data from a CD and cannot read Data fom DVD unlike DVD-ROM which can read both.
3.      DVD-RW
DVD-RW meaning Digital Versatile Disk Writeable is a drive that can be use to write Data in CD or DVD plate.
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DVD –RW can as well play up a DVD or CD video without any external software. Unlike DVD ROM that requires an installed DVD player Software.
4.      CD-RW
CD-RW meaning Compact Disk Rewritable is a drive that acts as DVD_RW. It helps to write Data into a CD and equally play a video CD plate without additional software.   

In conclusion the above four mention Dives is the most current drive we have in computer as of the time written this post. Modem Desktop and Laptops come with most of this drive. In case if you don’t have any of them in your computer, you can buy them at computer Rental Accessory shop worldwide. Both is you are in Nigeria I recommend you going to Lagos computer Villa.  

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