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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


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Welcome to A Brand New Year, I am Happy to See You This Year and we at World Base Communication Technology Appreciate all your wonderful visit last year, once more welcome to 2014, Please if this is your first time of coming to our website you can click here for our wonderful collection of tutorial or check out our giveaway gift 

To make money whether online or offline is a task that requires determination and Zeal. It equally requires patient for it to mature, so if you are the type that need quick syndrome of get rich quick tutorial post on making money, then note that this post may not work well for you.
Without wasting time, I shall briefly outline the few means I make money daily through my Blog
1.      Blogging
Actually it pays to say the truth, for any young and aspiring internet addict who want to make huge income through the internet, blogging is the very first step to make huge amount of money. Creating a blog is very easy these days. All you have to do is
·         Create a blog using any content management system like wordpress, blogger, drupal etc
·         Optimize your blog to be search engine friendly
·         Generate traffic through social Networking site
·         Monetized your blog
Note: creating a blog requires a little skill for both the design and programming aspect of it. You can Hire Me to design a professional looking blog for you.
Once your blog is set up, keep posting a unique content base on your niche and keep customizing the look of your blog to keep your visitor engage and in due time you can start monetizing your blog using several means as outline below.
2.      Making Money Through Selling E-book on Your Blog
 I make money in these my blog by selling E-book. If you want to make money through selling of E-book in your blog, you must first of all make sure you have an E-book on a specific topic or niche you are blogging on.
                    How to Market your E-book
*      Create a blog first or E-commerce sale platform
*      Promote your E-book
*      Create a platform in which your client can get the E-book either by mailing the package or delivery it in person
*      Make sales 

3.      Make Money through advertising
You can make money through advertising a product on your website/blog such advert come from either a client  you know i.e direct adverting or you can register in affiliate program that offer or place advert on your site, which some time depending on the program you register you will have a commission after a particular sales.
4.      Make Money By Offering a Unique Services in Your Blog
I make money online in my blog through providing some service e.g. providing Exam Solution for Nigerian, designing blog/website for people, promoting peoples product and services etc
The above simple step is a sure way one can start to make money through his blog. If you have another way, kindly share it on the comment box and you stand a chance of wing a free gift.

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