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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


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My Destiny  Can never be Distracted

Today I shall be sharing with you very impotent steps on our leader of success series. Last time I stated this post by reminding our reader the essences why they must succeed in life. If you have not read it yet click here. But if you have read the post let go. Today we shall kick of at a very fast Len of success trip by looking at how we can be focus for our goal set. Before proceed we shall define some terms
1.   Focused
 This simply means to be dedicated to our work and career the three steps we can take to be focus in life are
1.  Keep an organized space. Whether you're doing work in your office or studying at home, having a clean space can help you focus and get your work done with much more concentration. Remove anything that can distract you from your work and isn't relevant to the task. Clean off your desk to include only the things you need to work, leaving just a few photos or mementos to help you relax a bit.
  • If you spend just 10 minutes cleaning your space at the end of every day, you'll be able to maintain your new organized lifestyle.
  • If you don't need your phone to do your work, put it away for a few hours. Don't let it clutter your space and distract you.

2.      Make a to-do list. Making a to-do list at the beginning of every day or week can make you feel more focused and motivated to continue your work. If you make a list of all the things you have to do, no matter how small, you will feel more accomplished when you check those items off your list and move on to the next task. This will also keep you focused on one task at a time.
  • You can separate your to-do list into three lists: things to do that day, things to do the next day, and things to do that week. If you finish the tasks for that day but have some time left over, you can move on to the next set of tasks.
  • Prioritize your tasks. Put the most important or hardest tasks first. It's better to save the easier or more manageable tasks for the end of the day, when you're more tired and less compelled to complete the hardest tasks. If you put off the hard tasks until the last minute, you'll be dreading getting them done all day.
  • Include breaks in your to-do list. You can reward yourself with breaks. If you finish three tasks, you can have a small snack, or make a quick phone call to your friend, for example. This will make you even more focused on completing the tasks at hand.

3.      Manage your time. Managing your time goes hand in hand with making a to-do list. Next to each item on the list, write about how long it'll take you to accomplish each task. Be realistic about this estimate. Then, try to complete each task within the confines of each time limit. This will make you less likely to slack off or g-chat with your friend for an hour instead of actually getting anything done.
  • You can break up more time-consuming tasks with shorter, easier tasks. That way you won't be overwhelming by too many tough tasks in a row. You can think of the shorter tasks as a mini-reward.

When we apply the above principle in our daily livimg we are at the trip of succeeding in our destiney :

2. Goat Set
According to Wikipedia Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T ) goals. Work on the theory of goal-setting suggests that an effective tool for making progress is to ensure that participants in a group with a common goal are clearly aware of what is expected from them.[citation needed] On a personal level, setting goals helps people work towards their own objectives—most commonly with financial or career-based goals.[citation needed] Goal setting features as a major component of personal development literature.
It is considered an “open” theory, so as new discoveries are made it is modified. Studies have shown that specific and ambitious goals lead to a higher level of performance than easy or general goals. As long as the individual accepts the goal, has the ability to attain it, and does not have conflicting goals, there is a positive linear relationship between goal difficulty and task performance.[1]
Goals are a form of motivation that sets the standard for self-satisfaction with performance.[1] Achieving the goal one has set for oneself is a measure of success, and being able to meet job challenges is a way one measures success in the workplace. It has been said[by whom?] that "Goal setting capitalizes on the human brain's amazing powers: Our brains are problem-solving, goal-achieving machines."
Having looked at the above terms. we can now see that being focus in our goal set is the engine that drives us through our success trip. It is very difficult to be focused in our goal but we have to do everything humanly possible to make it happen because without it we may not reach were we want in life.
How can we be focused to our goal set?
We can be focused to our goal set by first of all knowing why we are here on this planet earth. Knowing our destining, our ambition, our career and above all our calling. I am not a preacher neither I my pastor but I am just talking out of experience. The only force that can drive you even when nothing seems working is your calling and destiny. Many a time we are distracted from our calling due to
1.      Pear pressure
2.      Influence of parental care
3.      Influence of the society
Both among all this obstacles, it is only you that can defeat it by having a great zeal, great focused and mapping out your goal
How can we set our goal?
1.      Find out that thing that do without stress(it becomes you destiny and if follow properly you will get to the top)
2.      Be committed towards it (if you do it, you will get to the top but if not you will only be on the ground)
3.      Find out how to make it happen( channel your yourself on the  things that we make your goal achievable)
4.      Be patience (patience is a measure of how you can endure for greater thing ahead of you. Many great men and woman we know didn’t just arrive overnight, some time it takes time)
5.      Be courageous and defend your goal. ( don’t let other people decide you destiny for you)

Knowledge is power and I am here to give out the best I can. Feel free to contact me with any question you may have as a result of this post or any other thing. Share this article with friend, on facebook, Twitter, or live a comment below. If you want to know me click HERE.
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