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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Steps To prevent Spam Email Message

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Hi , I am bring this short tutorial do to some hackers that always try to hack into our Email, not only that they hack into our Email but they will try Everything possible to convince you of a particular program of quick scheme money syndrome which if you comply, you become their Victim so Read on to have a full gist.

what is spam Message or Email Spam
Spam Message is Email Messages you got from some marketing company or a scammer which have intention of either to defraud the victim if the victim comply with the messages.
Sometime, this spam messages can be irritating to our liking. The most annoying part of this spam messages is when you are expecting a life changing email that is when this spam message normally roll in telling you to buy something or advert. Please if you have being receiving spam messages for any adverts or to buy anything at all, make sure that you verify the message very well before you replay it to avoid being scam.
Kindly do the following to deactivate every spam massages, so that when next that kind of message roll into your email, it will automatically go into your spam folder. 
How to Stop Spam Messages
1.      Go to your inbox on your Email Account
2.      Check the mails that look spammy to you and send them to your spam folder.
When next such message comes in, it will go straight to your spam folder. With this feel steps and trick, you can be rest assured that you have prevent or stop any spam Email from Entering your Email Account.

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